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Mass Effect Andromeda - Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions, all Monolith and Vault solutions

Our in-progress solutions to tackling the game's Sudoku-like challenges and planetary dungeons.

Mass Effect Andromeda Remnant Decryption puzzles are a regular occurrence as you're exploring the game's many Vaults and the Monoliths required to open them.

As you explore the galaxy's many new planets, you'll come across these mysterious structures and the Sudoku-like puzzles that guard your access.

While the rules are fairly straightforward, it's often the last thing you want to do if you're in the mindset to keep adventuring, and while you can bypass these puzzles with 'Remnant Decryption Keys', some cannot be overridden - which is where this guide will come in handy.

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Cover image for YouTube video14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda
14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda

Remnant Vaults and Monoliths

As tutorialised to you in A Better Beginning, you can find and activate Remnant Vaults on a planet by finding the Monoliths on the surface, solving their Remnant Decryption puzzles, then entering and exploring the Vault.

Inside you can sometimes expect more puzzles, some platforming and a sprinkling of combat, making them the closest the game has to classic role-playing game dungeons.

The rewards for completing them are worthwhile. Not only does exploring each one give you components you can use for crafting, but it'll bump up that planet's viability by 40%, more so than any other side-quest or activity.

It'll also help stabilise the planets atmosphere and make it easier to explore from then on, so they should definitely be on your checklist of activities to prioritise when exploring these new pastures.

How Remnant Decryption Puzzles work

Remnant Decryption puzzles are required to solve many of the game's alien interfaces - such as Vaults and Monoliths, as well as other terminals in side-quests and other areas - which require you to essentially play a game of Sudoku, where instead of numbers you have alien symbols.

If you're unfamiliar with Sudoku, then aim is to not duplicate any number (or in this case, a symbol) across any row, column, or corner section of the grid.

Find an empty spot, scan the rows, columns and surrounding section, and insert the symbol that's unique.

It's obviously easier said than done, and with multiple empty spots there is a process of elimination involved or working out which spots require others to be solved first before you can be certain of their solution.

If there are question marks instead of symbols - which is usually the case at a Monolith - then you may have not found all the glyphs required to solve it.

Simply back out of the puzzle and scan the surrounding area to find the glyph location. SAM will tell you when you have them all, and that the puzzle is ready to be solved.

Remnant Decryption Puzzles solutions

All main planetary locations will have Remnant Decryption puzzles of some sort as you complete their Monoliths and Vaults, but there will also be others during side-quests and other activities.

Puzzles covered on this page:

  • Eos Monolith (in story mission A Better Beginning)
  • Eos Vault (hidden in story mission A Better Beginning)
  • Havarl Monolith (in side-mission Havarl: A Dying Planet)
  • Havarl side-mission Helping Havarl's Scientists
  • Havarl terminal (for the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline)
  • Kadara Monolith (in side-mission Kadara: Healing Kadara's Heart)
  • Elaaden Monolith x2 (in side-mission Elaaden: Taming a Desert)
  • Elaaden side-mission Elaaden: Investigate the Remnant Derelict
  • Voeld Monolith x3 (in side-mission Voeld: Restoring a World)
  • Voeld side-mission (Peebee's Secret Project)
  • Khi Tasira terminal (in story mission The Journey to Meridian)
  • H-047c terminal (in side mission The Remnant Tiller)

We'll be updating this page with more as we encounter them.

Eos Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Eos Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle solution in story mission A Better Beginning:

There is also a hidden one inside Eos Vault, which we discuss in greater detail in our A Better Beginning page. The solution is:

Havarl Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Havarl Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle, which you'll have to complete as part of Havarl: A Dying Planet:

During side-mission Helping Havarl's Scientists, the Remnant Decryption puzzle solution is:

There is also a Remnant Decryption puzzle as part of the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline location on Havarl:

Kadara Remnant Decryption puzzles

The Kadara Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzle, which you'll have to complete as part of Kadara: Healing Kadara's Heart:

Elaaden Remnant Decryption puzzles

The two Elaaden Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzles, which you'll have to complete as part of Elaaden: Taming a Desert:

During the side-mission Elaaden: Investigate the Remnant Derelict there is a puzzle to be found. Here's the Elaaden: Investigate the Remnant Derelict Remnant Decryption puzzle esolution and glyph location:

Voeld Remnant Decryption puzzles

The three Voeld Monolith Remnant Decryption puzzles, which you'll have to complete as part of Voeld: Restoring a World:

There is one to solve as part of Peebee's Secret Project:

Want more help? Our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to completing every main mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions can help with the many Sudoku-like challenges the game can throw at you. Meanwhile, we can help with Memory Trigger locations, Architect locations and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the many Mass Effect Andromeda Romance options for both male and female Ryder.

Khi Tasira Remnant Decryption puzzles

During main story mission The Journey to Meridian there is an optional puzzle to find. The specific location is in our write-up of that mission, and the The Journey to Meridian Remnant Deception puzzle solution is:

H-047c Remnant Decryption puzzles

At the end of the H-047c side mission The Remnant Tiller, there is the above Remnant Decryption puzzle to solve.

Remember, once you have completed the puzzle and you're sure there are no duplicates, submit and if you're successful, you'll progress. Otherwise, try again, and if there are any question marks at any point, remember to look for those nearby glyphs first.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds

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