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Mass Effect Andromeda: A Better Beginning - Restore power, get the Nomad and clear the Eos radiation

Complete the story missions on Eos.

Mass Effect Andromeda A Better Beginning is one of the first major missions in the game, following on from Prologue - Hyperion, Planetside, and Getting to Know the Nexus, and has you explore and settle on the planet of Eos.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

A Better Beginning

Speak to SAM to start the Ryder Family Secrets side mission, and then head to the Tempest, your new home amongst the stars. You'll be given a brief tour and introduced to the crew, and finally you'll be on your way to the planet Eos in the Pytheas system.

Cover image for YouTube video14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda
14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda

Investigate the power relay station

Once you've set foot on the planet head to the objective. The door is, of course, locked, so you'll need to follow the next marker. Examine the datapad on the desk then return to the first building.

Use the console inside, then head back outside and make your way to the generator building. Someone has barricaded themselves inside and won't let you in yet, but he will enable the generators for you.

Scan the power pylons to find an interface, Activate power pylons, Defeat the Kett, Reactivate the power relay station

Switch the nearby generator on and then scan the small pylon nearby. Once SAM identifies the control access point jump onto the scaffolding and activate the pylon, then head for the second one and repeat the process. A Kett dropship will appear so you'll need to deal with them and then you'll finally get access to the building. Activate the power controls inside and then head for the new marker.

Scan containers to find a vehicle, Call down a forward station, Unlock the Nomad Container, Get in the Nomad

Scan the large square door on the end of the container then use the keypad on the side, then head for the next marker to drop your first Forward Post.

Head back again, go into the research building next to the large container and use the terminal inside, then head back out and use the keypad on the container to deploy the Nomad.

Investigate the strange signal, Search for a glyph to scan

Jump inside it and drive to the marker, then get out and scan the terminal in the centre of the area before interacting with it. SAM will inform you you need to locate some additional information, so break out the scanner again and follow the yellow highlighted cables and scan the objects on the tops of the pillars before returning to the terminal.

Use the strange console, Defeat the hostile bots

When you interact with it you'll be leapt upon by Peebee; she's harmless, so ignore the prompt to push her off, have a quick talk with her, and then deal with the Remnant that appear - focus on the Assemblers first as they will continue to spawn new Observers until they've been taken down.

Activate the Remnant monoliths

Hop back in the Nomad and follow the markers until you reach the large Remnant monolith.

There are more Assemblers and Observers to deal with before you can access the terminal, and once again you'll need to use your scanner to follow the yellow cables to locate two glyphs.

The one on the horizontal pillar can be reached by climbing onto the far end and walking along the top, and the one on the vertical pillar can be accessed by using the small terminal next to it to create a set of hexagonal pillars you can jump on to.

Once they're scanned return to the central terminal to solve your first Remnant Decryption puzzle.

Completing the puzzle will activate more terminals around the area. Interact with them and then prepare to fight off some more Kett.

After this, you'll need to head to the Kett Research Center. Get back in the Nomad and head across the desert to the Kett research centre, clear out the enemies inside, and when the place is secured you'll meet up with a future ally, Drack.

After, time for The Monolith. After a brief conversation with Drack head for the nearby monolith. Scan the glyphs and interact with the terminal then return to the Nomad. With these two out of the way, A Better Beginning will continue.

Investigate the entrance, Explore the Remnant vault, Follow the conduit into the vault, Activate the gravity well

Head for the marker, get out of the Nomad and interact with the console to create a bridge across the gap, and then rendezvous with Peebee on the far side. Head down the ramp, open the large door, and head inside, and jump down the large hole in the centre of the room to reach the area below.

Interact with the terminal at the back of the room and then use your scanner to follow the yellow duct as it snakes through the passages ahead.

Follow the conduit farther into the vault

Avoid touching the large shielded are in the next room, head through the door, jump across the pool of mysterious liquid, and deal with the Remnant enemies ahead.

Activate the terminal and then continue to follow the duct around the ledge on the right, deal with some more Remnant, and follow the duct a bit further until you find Peebee again.

Resume the trail, pass along the wide corridor, and into another area guarded by Remnant. Eliminate the opposition and then activate the terminals either side of the room to give you access to another gravity well, and drop down inside.

Want more help? Our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to completing every main mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions can help with the many Sudoku-like challenges the game can throw at you. Meanwhile, we can help with Memory Trigger locations, Architect locations and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the many Mass Effect Andromeda Romance options for both male and female Ryder.

Repair the conduit flow

When you reach the bottom the trail goes cold, but Peebee will give you instructions on how to patch things up. Use your OmniTool to fix the leak then resume following the duct. Activate the console in the next room, jump across the pillars, then activate another console to create a path to the far side where you'll encounter some more Remnant.

Find a way through the caverns, Follow the conduit to the source, Escape the vault

Once they're down activate the nearby terminal then retrace your steps to the centre of the chasm and take the newly opened path to find another terminal.

Activate it, deal with another couple of Remnants, and then activate the next terminal to create a bridge across the gap.

Hidden Remnant Puzzle

Before going through the door, activate the terminal tucked on the upper platform to the right. This will create a new bridge to the far side of the room - return to the central area and make your way across the pillars, tackle a few more remnant, and enter the “library”.

Scan the glyphs on the walls either side of the locked chest and then solve the puzzle to gather the loot.

Go through the large door, activate the final terminal, and then run! You've got a fair amount of breathing room to escape the fiery death, but don't stop to admire the scenery, just follow the markers.

Once you've completed that - use the previous link if you need help - it's time to finish A Better Beginning.

Establish an outpost at an appropriate site

Once you're back outside head for the Forward Post and deploy the Nomad, then head towards the marker -- along the way you'll meet up with Drack again.

Hop out of the Nomad and give him a helping hand fighting off the Kett, then use the nearby Outpost Beacon.

You'll be given a choice of deploying a research base or a military outpost - each one brings its own benefits in terms of upgrade availability, but your choice doesn't have a significant bearing on the story outcome and you can establish other outposts later on, so pick whichever you like the sound of.

Speak with Tann at the Nexus Pathfinder HQ

Return to the Tempest, recruit Drack to your party, then return to the Nexus and speak to Tann again to wrap up the mission.

You now have your choice of activities - including side-quest Defeating the Kett and if you wanted, your first Architect though we'd recommend holding out on these due to their difficulty - but when you're ready to continue with the main story, start with A Trial of Hope to explore the angara world of Aya.