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Next Mass Effect teased again in new artwork

Relay good news.

BioWare's next Mass Effect project has been glimpsed again in three new pieces of artwork which have been posted online.

The images come from the newly-released BioWare: Stories and Secrets from 25 Years of Game Development coffee table book, which were then posted to Tumblr by user Felassan.

BioWare's trio of teasing images includes the same "Mud Skipper" spaceship seen in its first tease for the next Mass Effect game released earlier this month on the franchise's annual N7 Day. Here's that previously-released image again to jog your memory:

Silhouettes in that picture - particularly its inclusion of an Andromeda-native angaran - sparked suggestion the series will continue in Andromeda (although they could also just be placeholders). Still, a return to Andromeda is something fans think these new images might suggest as well. Note the mud skipper ship on the left in the new artwork below:

The next image shows structures strikingly similar in design to the Remnant architecture already featured in Mass Effect Andromeda. The Remnant were a mysterious, advanced civilisation that seemingly ruled Andromeda and then vanished before the events of Mass Effect Andromeda itself.

Finally, this image appears to show the construction of a new Mass Relay - the hairpin-like structures which whooshed the Normandy around the Milky Way back in the original trilogy. This one even labelled "MR-7", so I suppose a few of these are being made.

This could potentially show the construction of a new Milky Way relay, or alternatively the building of a new relay network to access further areas of Andromeda. (Or even some kind of super relay to connect the two galaxies?)

It's interesting to consider where the next Mass Effect game will take place. Narratively, a setting far enough in the future of Mass Effect original trilogy would be enough to negate or streamline the effects of Mass Effect 3's infamous ending choice.

But, for some fans, there are still many answered questions left in Andromeda, including plot threads set up to be built on and paid off in future games. And, certainly, there's far more freedom for the franchise's ongoing story to manoeuvre there.

Mass Effect project director Mike Gamble had this to say, as quoted in the BioWare book: "There's an incredible universe of history to draw from, and many more stories for us to tell. We're focusing on creating something truly for the fans."

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