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Mass Effect Andromeda: Opening missions Prologue - Hyperion, Planetside, and Getting to Know the Nexus

Get started with the opening missions of Mass Effect Andromeda.

Welcome to the first opening missions in Mass Effect Andromeda Hyperion, Planetside and Getting to Know the Nexus, which serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics, characters and story.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide, which also includes some helpful tips to help get your head round the game's many new systems.


The opening sections is a basic movement tutorial and shouldn't pose too much difficulty - simply make your way to each objective marker and follow the instructions you're given.

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There will be a few dialogue choices along the way but as far as we can tell your character interactions throughout the game are largely cosmetic and don't effect how the story unfolds so feel free to shape Ryder's personality however you like.


Locate other members of the Pathfinder Team

After a somewhat bumpy landing the first section of this mission is another brief tutorial that introduces the jumping mechanics and a few combat basics. Again simply follow the markers and do as you're told until you meet up with Fisher.

Protect Fisher

Your first encounter with the Kett is fairly straightforward; there are only a handful of them to deal with. Once they're down talk to Fisher, scan the surrounding area for objects of interest - it's good to get into the habit of scanning stuff right from the start as the research points are invaluable - and then make your way towards the next marker.

Locate the Second Shuttle

You'll eventually reach a large alien structure at which point another pocket of enemies will need to be dealt with. Make use of the cover and your high ground advantage to take them out, then scan Kirkland's body before moving on.

Shortly after picking up a signal you'll be ambushed, so draw your weapon when Liam starts talking to you so you can get the drop on the enemy. Continue heading towards the marker until you reach a point where the path branches.

Investigate the alien ruins, Investigate the alien facility, Find a way to access the sealed room

Your main objective is straight ahead, but optionally you can bear left to find a half-buried building. The entrance is on the lower level on the right below the large pipes - scan the items inside then activate the generator to open another door, the other side of which leads to your first encounter with the Remnant.

Locate Greer

Once you've explored the building head back to the fork in the path and make for the optional marker to the south east. You'll come across another crew member pinned down in a cave by a small pocket of Kett. Dispatch them, and then head for the main objective.

Investigate the Flares

When you arrive you'll have to face down a couple of more substantial waves of enemies. This time they have the high ground advantage so you can either use the cover to work your way up the slope, or make use of your assisted jumping to flank round behind them.

Should you choose to flank you have a "ground pound" move (triggered by using a melee attack while airborne) that can knock enemies back and do a fair amount of damage to them, and it's a useful tactic for keeping yourself reasonably safe as you move.

Follow the Pathfinder

Once the area is secured your objective marker will update. Head to the new location to rendezvous with Ryder Sr., and prepare for a fairly prolonged battle against several waves of increasingly heavy resistance as you work your way through the alien structure.

Defend the Pathfinder, Order Cora and Liam to defend both flanks, Decryption Progress

Once you reach the destination you'll need to hunker down and protect Ryder Sr. as he opens the door - most of the enemies will appear from the uppermost area, so send one of your squad to defend the lower portion then accompany the other member to the top and deal with the waves as they appear.

Want more help? Our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide provides steps to completing every main mission, and our on-going Remnant Decryption puzzle solutions can help with the many Sudoku-like challenges the game can throw at you. Meanwhile, we can help with Memory Trigger locations, Architect locations and the hidden Fusion Mod of Adrenaline, as well as helping you decide on the many Mass Effect Andromeda Romance options for both male and female Ryder.

Getting to Know the Nexus

When you arrive on the Nexus, talk to the Avina VI near the entrance, then make your way down the small ramp, climb over the boxes, and talk to the maintenance engineer.

After a spot of exposition you'll be given the Getting to Know the Nexus task which is optional but worth doing - simply talk to the marked NPCs - before finally speaking to Director Tann.

You'll need to speak to him twice to complete the mission and the task, which then unlocks the next critical path mission A Better Beginning, which sees you head to Eos in the Pytheas system.

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Mass Effect: Andromeda

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