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Mass Effect Andromeda - Architect locations, how to beat them in Making an Impression, Missing Science Crew and other quests

How to take on some of the game's toughest adversaries.

Mass Effect Andromeda Architects are some of the most challenging opponents in the game, and one you may have spotted already. Noticed a giant mechanical worm weaving through the sand on Elaaden? That's an Architect, and there are four of them for you to tackle.

Architects only available once an outpost has been established on a planet, and you'll need to undertake a short quest to face off against them - such as Making an Impression on Eos - but since they provide 400 Andromeda points a piece they're definitely worth your time.

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Cover image for YouTube video14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda
14 things you need to try in Mass Effect Andromeda

How to beat an Architect

First off, these foes are unsuitable for low-level characters, so if you find you're struggling you may need to give up and return later.

When you fight them, the battle will cycle between three phases - shoot the legs, shoot the head, shoot the smaller Remnant - but how many times it repeats will depend on how much damage you can do.

During the first phase, aim for the exposed pink areas on the Architect's legs. When the leg reaches 25% health or below the second phase will start and the Architect will open its mouth exposing a vulnerable spot.

eal some damage to that and the third phase will begin which requires you to clear out an assortment of Observers, Assemblers, and Nullifiers. Depending on how damaged the remaining legs are the Architect may take to the air and find a new location to settle, and the process will then repeat.

Biotics and melee attacks are largely ineffective against Architects so choose squad members with Tech or ranged combat skills, and bring the most powerful sniper rifle you can - with a fully specced Black Widow V and some damage-enhancing mods you should be able to destroy a leg in a couple of shots whilst keeping out of harm's way.

Once the three legs are destroyed a few more shots at the head will bring it down allowing you to interface with it and collect your AVP reward.

Architect locations in Making an Impression, Missing Science Crew and other quests

Eos Architect location

The Architect on Eos can be accessed during the Making an Impression side quest available from Podromos once you've completed A Trail of Hope.

The first part of the quest is a simple "go to the marker, press the button" process, but once the third site has been visited you'll be given a new objective which will lead you to the Architect. This is the simplest of the four, with reasonable terrain and cover to take on the fight.

Kadara Architect location

After establishing an outpost on Kadara, head to the upper floor of the building nearest the lake and speak to Christmas Tate - he'll either be stood just inside the doorway or looking out of the window.

He'll give you the quest Old Skinner which will lead you directly to the Architect. This fight's a little trickier as the Architect may move to a slightly elevated location which doesn't have much cover on offer.

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Elaaden Architect location

During your settlement of Elaaden you will be sent on a mission to recover a stolen Remnant drive core; once located you need to make the choice of giving it to Morda. Once the settlement is established the quest Architect on Elaaden will become available.

Voeld Architect location

Speak to Priya Blake in the central building in the outpost to get the Missing Science Crew quest which will lead you to the Architect.

It's arguably the toughest of the four fights as you'll also have to deal with environmental damage from the cold during the skirmish.

The battle takes place around an abandoned Kett camp and you can take shelter inside the building to recharge your life support, but you may also want to equip some life support consumables as a backup.