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Mass Effect Andromeda: A Trail of Hope - Working with the resistance on Aya, how to beat the Kett Cardinal and the Fiend

Travel to Aya and get working with the resistance.

Mass Effect Andromeda A Trail of Hope is a main story mission that has you visit the planet of Aya, home of the angara, which unlocks after you've completed A Better Beginning.

If you're after help for parts of the game, consult our Mass Effect Andromeda walkthrough and guide.

A Trail of Hope

Head for the Onaon system - as soon as you arrive trouble starts, and you'll eventually find yourself on Aya.

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Follow Paaran Shie, Enter the Angaran Resistance Headquarters, Return to the Tempest, Go to either Havarl or Voeld

Follow Paaran Shie through the city; you can't really do anything at this point so just wait for events to play out then return to the Tempest and recruit Jaal to your party to give you the full complement of six.

You have two missions available now - Helping Havarl's Scientists and Meet the Resistance. The latter has fewer steps to it, and you only need to do one for now, but you can do both if you want in any order. Whenever you're ready, return to the Tempest and call Evfra to continue to A Trail of Hope mission.

A Trail of Hope continued

Call Evfra from the Tempest's meeting room, Meet the Resistance on Voeld in the Nol System

Use the Vidcom in the Tempest meeting room to speak to Evfra, then head for the resistance base on Voeld to catch a shuttle to your destination.

Infiltrate the Kett facility, Enter facility through the vent

When you arrive use your scanner to locate the access point towards the right hand end of the force field, use it to create an opening, and kill the Kett that are waiting for you on the other side. When the coast is clear climb into the right hand vent, scan the grating at the end, and then break your way through.

Search for the Moshae, Find out where the pods go

When you reach the T-junction take out the enemy lurking at the far left of the corridor. The rooms at either end contain some datapads and loot, and the marked room contains a group of Kett hiding behind cover on the far side. Do your thing to clear the area, then watch the scene below through the large window.

Interface with a nearby console, Locate the Moshae's pod

Fight your way through the Kett complex until you reach a shielded door. Use SAM to deactivate it and then scan all the pods inside before using the console.

How to beat the Kett Cardinal and the Fiend

Once you've learned the location of the Moshae carry on through the complex, shoot out the next vent, and take on some more Kett as you head towards the shuttle launch area.

Chase the Kett Cardinal, Defeat the Kett Cardinal

When you arrive you'll be facing off against the Cardinal. She can fly and has a mobile shield emitter that you'll need to take out before you can actually damage her. Aim for the floating orb until the shield is down, get in as much damage as you can before it regenerates, and repeat until she's on the deck.

Talk to Moshae Sjefa

Speak to the Moshae and you'll be presented with a couple of choices. As far as we can tell they only impact the upcoming dialogue, but it's entirely possible there may be ramifications in future instalments so make your choices carefully.

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Hold out for the shuttle extraction, Reach the shuttle

You'll now need to fight your way off the base. The Moshae will provide a defensive shield as you make your way through the enemies, but it's only partially effective and isn't placed in the most strategic location so you may prefer to rely on natural cover instead.

Once you reach the far end you'll have your first meeting with the Fiend, a huge beast that you want to avoid getting too close to.

If you've got a sniper rifle equipped you should be able to take it down before it reaches you, but more will spawn so as soon as the shuttle arrives to pick you up get on it!

Investigate the Aya vault, Meet Evfra at the Resistance HQ

Return to Aya and meet with Evfra and the Moshae, and you'll be taken to the Vault. Once the cutscene is over return to Evfra to finish off the mission, allowing you to get started with Hunting the Archon.

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