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Mass Effect Andromeda - From the Dust, The Remnant Tiller

How to complete the two H-047c side objectives.

Mass Effect Andromeda From the Dust and The Remnant Tiller and two side-quests you can complete on H-047c.

You need to have completed Vetra Nyx: Means and Ends before taking this one on. Land on H-047c and return to the mining zone from Means and Ends, defeat the Exiles, and collect the datapas that SAM will point out. This will begin the quest From the Dust, which then leads onto The Remnant Tiller.

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From the Dust

Head for the two markers along the southern side of the map and repeat the Exile killing datapad collection routine, and then head for the final marker in the north - there's a bridge across the ravine just south of the Forward Station marker.

Once inside the large dome defeat the Exiles and then open the door to the smaller dome. Take out some more Exiles and then read the final datapad.

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The Remnant Tiller

Head for the marker, enter the dome, and make your way down the ramp into the Remnant area. Deal with the two Observers inside and then use the console on the right of the room to spawn a friendly Remnant.

Scan the console by the door and he'll open it for you, letting you through into the next room.

Head to the far right corner (you can ignore the Remnant, although they make a lot of noise so you may want to kill them just to get some peace and quiet).

Head into the short corridor on the right to spawn another friendly Remnant and then scan the console at the western end of this area to reveal two consoles in small alcoves either side of you.

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Activate the one on the north side first, then the one on the south, then head to the corridor opposite where you spawned your friendly and head through the door at the end.

Head through the room and turn east to approach the wide central trench. As you get closer a bridge will appear to take you to the other side. Once you're across turnright into the short corridor and use the terminal to open another door. Pass through, defeat the remnant, and then open another door to the south.

You'll now be just outside the control room - there's alot of Assemblers in here along with an Elite Destroyer. He's got big shields, heavy armour, and packs a huge punch, so try and kite him into the corridor away from the Assemblers to deal with him first.

When the area is clear activate the console and solve the Remnant puzzle to complete the quest.

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