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Take-Two cancels Borderlands Online, shuts down 2K China

F2P Gearbox spin-off "would not yield a favourable return on investment."

Take-Two Interactive has shut down 2K China and cancelled Borderlands Online, the free-to-play spin-off of Gearbox's shooter set for China.

Based in Shanghai, 2K China consisted of roughly 150 staff members.

"We are excited about the opportunities to expand our business in Asia, and we remain committed to delivering triple-A offerings for that region. At this time, we can confirm that we are closing 2K China," Take-Two said in a statement to GamesIndustry.biz.

"We determined that the additional time required to finish current projects at the studio, particularly Borderlands Online, would not yield a favourable return on investment."

It's worth noting that this won't affect Take-Two's other studios in the region, like the Shanghai-based NBA2K Online team or the company's Singapore branch. Civilization Online is also on track to launch in Korea later this fiscal year.