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Mass Effect fans think they've discovered the name of Andromeda's main character

Clue: it's not Shepard.

Eagle-eyed Mass Effect fans think they have pinned down the name of Andromeda's mystery main character.

Mass Effect Andromeda, the fourth major game in the sci-fi role-playing series and the first not to feature the original trilogy's Commander Shepard, is due to launch in autumn 2016.

Details are still thin on the ground, although fans have been picking apart the game's latest trailer, released last week as part of the Mass Effect franchise's annual N7 Day celebrations.


Hit pause at its 0:44 mark and you'll see a view of Earth taken from within the cockpit of a spaceship. This ship is then shown travelling out to the Andromeda galaxy - and on its dashboard is a blink-and-you'll-miss-it dogtag, bearing the name "Ryder".

Hint: it's on the far left side.

Squint to the left there and you'll see the dogtag lying on the cockpit's dashboard. On the right is the photo of an adult human figure with their arms around two children. Does Ryder have a family?


"The dogtag says RYDER/RIDER, which is probably a reference to Sally Ride, the first American woman in space," Reddit user Benelioto theorised.

"This follows naturally from naming Commander Shepard after Alan [Shepard], the first American man in space."

Other users have pointed out that the music used back in the Mass Effect Andromeda E3 trailer was the Johnny Cash track Ghost Riders in the Sky - which may be yet another reference.

BioWare and EA have both been keeping Mass Effect Andromeda firmly under wraps over the last few years - but leaks and a few subtle clues are now starting to build up a clearer picture. Watch the teaser below and then catch up with everything we know about Mass Effect Andromeda so far.

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