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All Star Wars Battlefront's blasters, Traits, Star Cards revealed

Rank 13 for Jump Pack in full game, rank 28 for the Cycler Rifle.

UPDATE 17TH NOVEMBER: Having spent some time with the release version of the game I can tell you that ranks are achieved much quicker than in the beta. After around four hours with the game I am nearly rank 10.

ORIGINAL STORY 10TH NOVEMBER: You'll need to be rank 13 to unlock the Jump Pack in the full version of Star Wars Battlefront, whereas in the beta you needed only be rank five. The Cycler Rifle is held until rank 28.

If experience points are awarded in similar amounts as in the beta, and why shouldn't they be, that means you'll need a few days to get to the Jump Pack and lot longer for the Cycler Rifle. The Jump Pack was a no-brainer in the beta for its ability to get you up to places you otherwise couldn't, or would struggle to, and for allowing you to leap far forwards, covering greater distances quicker. The Cycler Rifle I couldn't hit anything with.

The maximum rank in Star Wars Battlefront is 50, but the final blaster will be unlocked by the time you're half-way there. That's the DL-44, which delivers "massive damage" at close range but overheats quickly. There's a potentially brilliant Jawa Shock Blaster at rank eight that has maximum damage but crap everything else - as in, you need to put it in someone's face to obliterate them.

The highest ranked unlocks are appearance items - heads. At rank 50 you unlock Twi'lek and Quarren heads. Generally the non-human heads unlock at 40 and above, so if you see someone non-human then they probably know what they're doing!

The highest ranked Star Card is the Wookie Bowcaster, which fires an explosive arrow in an arc from your (cross)bow. The highest rank Charged Star Card - that is, an ability with finite uses - is the Personal Shield at 22.

In the beta there was one Trait, Sharpshooter. Traits are passive abilities that raise in level as you successfully trigger them during battle. Sharpshooter is triggered by headshots and at level three reduces other cooldowns by "a large amount". In the full game Sharpshooter unlocks at rank 26.

A Bounty Hunter Trait, also at rank 26, gives - at level three - a "high" chance for you to receive a power-up and resets cooldowns with each kill. Phwoar!

The power-ups we haven't set seen are the R5-D4 Droid, which patrols and scans and attacks, and the Viper Probe, which hovers around and does the same thing. There's a Card Refresh power-up too.

To see all of the above and get a little more information on each, log into the Star Wars Battlefront website. Go to the Career part of your account. You can also track your progress on the SWBF companion app launched on mobile today.

Battlefront is out Thursday 19th November on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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