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Classic Star Wars Battlefront now on Steam and GOG, with some multiplayer support

Maul shopping.

If you can't rely on the present to deliver solid Star Wars games, we can at least look to the past - and thanks to Steam and GOG that just got a whole lot easier, as the Star Wars Battlefront game from 2004 has just been made available on both stores.

The classic title by Pandemic was previously accessible on PS2, Xbox One (via back compat) and through physical copies for PC (or via other nefarious means online), so its appearance on Steam and GOG makes access a lot easier for Star Wars fans who fancy a nostalgia trip. Which is all Star Wars fans, let's be honest.

As the original was published by LucasArts, this would have been a Disney decision rather than EA's. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (2005) has been available on both Steam and GOG for some time now, so the addition of the original title means the set is now complete.

The main differences between the two is the Steam version is currently slightly cheaper (by a whole 28p), but GOG's edition is available DRM-free.

One of the great things about this digital storefront release is the game comes complete with multiplayer, although the standard edition requires players to join either via LAN or direct using IP addresses.

Enterprising modder AnthonyBF2 has already created a guide for getting onto a community server for the Steam version, which I was able to get working up to the point of actually joining a game (as there simply aren't enough people online yet). It requires a little bit of file management and fine-tuning, but hopefully this project should be fully up and running soon. Or at least show there's some desire for full multiplayer support.

Currently has about the same population as Alderaan.

In the meantime, you can test out the single player by picking it up for £6.11 on Steam or £6.39 on GOG. If I could, I'd order 66.