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Alien: Isolation mod removes alien

You can finally admire the art direction in peace, mostly.

An Alien: Isolation modder has removed the alien from Creative Assembly's licensed horror game.

Many would argue this defeats the point of the game, but hey, if you wanted to just admire Sevastopol's astounding retro art direction without constantly living in fear of getting poor Amanda Ripley's abdomen impaled by a xenomorph, that's totally a thing you can do now, at least in the PC version.

Modder [Lebowski]-=ThArK=- explained on Steam that the mod doesn't technically remove the alien, but it keeps the creature immobile in a vent.

That being said, there are other dangers in Creative Assembly's survival horror game. Working Joe androids are still a hazard, as are other humans and the occasional facehugger.

You can download the Alien without alien mod here.

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