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Terrifying Alien: Isolation mod puts far too many Xenomorphs in one level


As if Alien: Isolation isn't scary enough, modder Matt Filer has gone out of his way to make it even more terrifying by importing multiple Xenomorphs into certain levels of the game.

Appropriately named Aliens: Isolation, Filer uploaded a video of the mod showing eight xenomorphs pacing around a tight corridor, before eventually one of them spots him and - well, you can guess what happens next.

Nope, nope, nope.

For most people, one Xenomorph is too many Xenomorphs, yet Filer says there are some players who still wanted more of a challenge, so this mod is for them.

"I've heard people complaining the game is too easy - so this should satisfy them :)," he told me over Twitter. So, if eight Aliens still isn't enough, how many could you realistically mod in?

"Technically it can just keep going until your PC can't handle it anymore," he writes. "The way it works currently is all NPCs that should spawn in the level get spawned as Aliens. I'm still looking into the engine's scripting though, so in future it could be reworked to dynamically spawn them where requested."

Filer has created this horrifying experience as a part of a new mod tool project he's working on to modify the game's scripts. The seasoned Alien: Isolation modder has already made a mod tool (which is publicly available), that allows the modification of the Aliens' behaviour trees (amongst other things), and once the new project is finished it'll all be a part of the main tool.

The Aliens are a bit too smart to be travelling in such large packs, however - Filer says the level in his video was particularly difficult due to how cramped the space is.

"More open levels can be easier even with so many in play. For the actual release I'll likely tone down the Alien AI a bit though, so it's not the default and a bit dumber."

Perhaps we should make the Eurogamer video team play this one next.

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