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September 2010 Archive

    1. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn gets UK date
    2. Costume Quest
    3. Forza boasts "long-term" Top Gear deal
    4. MOH sets franchise pre-order record
    5. Activision's NASCAR in February 2011
    6. Face-Off: F1 2010
    7. Beyond Good & Evil HD confirmed
    8. Hydrophobia dev defends game
    9. 3DS price due to "E3 reveal reaction"
    10. iPhone/iPad Okamiden planned?
    11. Hydrophobia
    12. Try Kinect at Eurogamer Expo 2010
    13. Borderlands: Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution
    14. Euro Two Worlds II has English language
    15. Canny gamers will "eliminate" bad games
    16. Wii GoldenEye has wacky controls
    17. Driver game coming to 3DS next year
    18. Rock Band 3 Pro tracks to cost extra
    19. 3DS Super Monkey Ball out next year
    20. SSFIV 3DS has over-the-shoulder view
    21. Auditorium gets November date
    22. Why the 3DS will miss 2010
    23. Phantasy Star Portable 2
    24. Del Toro making "Lovecraftian" game
    1. Nintendo: 4m 3DS sales in first month
    2. Bayonetta free with Vanquish pre-order
    3. Kinect will talk to MSN Messenger
    4. Quantum Theory
    5. Castlevania demo leads PSN update
    6. Black Ops' "worst kept secret" revealed
    7. Iconic devs celebrate PSOne's 15th bday
    8. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    9. 3DS out in Europe and US in March
    10. Street Fighter X Tekken
    11. JAW wants Oddworld remake on 360
    12. Be Guybrush in Force Unleashed 2
    13. MS advises against "clutter" for Kinect
    14. Drakensang sequel for UK & US
    15. Earn Fable III currency in phone app
    16. Sony bundling PS3 and GT5 together
    17. Resi Mercs, Mega Man Legends for 3DS
    18. Uncharted 2 GOTY edition for US
    19. Nintendogs blamed for attack on child
    20. New cars and outfits for Mafia II
    21. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    1. Xbox 360 EA Sports MMA demo out now
    2. Face-Off: Dead Rising 2
    3. Critics "validated" Wii Dead Space
    4. Donkey Kong Country Returns dated
    5. Planescape: Torment re-released at last
    6. Podcast #38
    7. Sonic 4: Episode 1 two weeks away
    8. COD: Black Ops zombies spotted again
    9. Sucker Punch on inFamous 2
    10. Star Trek DS9 MMO revealed
    11. Ex-RTW execs buying MyWorld?
    12. EA releasing DOSBoxed Wing Commander
    13. EA responds to Bobby Kotick slur
    14. NBA Jam now standalone on PSN/XBLA
    15. Tim Schafer hits back at Bobby Kotick
    16. GAME to shut another 85 shops
    17. PopCap pulled plug on Diablo-style RPG
    18. US gets God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo
    19. Kane & Lynch film loses director
    20. Two Worlds II UK release still TBC
    21. F1 2010 corrupt saves fix promised
    22. Mobile Games Roundup
    23. Nintendo offers to fix Metroid saves
    24. PC version of WRC demo released
    1. Beefy SupCom 2 DLC released
    2. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
    3. Tim Schafer hires Ron Gilbert
    4. World of Darkness is "dark and sexy"
    5. OutRun dev making "bleeding edge" game
    6. COD creators "betrayed" me - Kotick
    7. Bobby Kotick slags off Tim Schafer
    8. WOW has 54% of Western MMO subs
    9. Download Games Roundup
    10. Bobby Kotick slags off EA
    11. UK chart: F1 dethrones Halo: Reach
    12. Control Sky Player with Kinect
    13. Will Sucker Punch create inFamous 3?
    14. No more region lock for ModNation
    15. COD: Black Ops Nazi zombies sighted
    16. No APB refunds, but EA offers free games
    17. Respawn title will be cross-platform
    18. StarCraft II's "e-sport patch" this year
    19. Report: 3DS on 11th Nov in Japan
    20. Alan Wake Writer DLC in October
    21. Halo: Reach DLC already on the way?
    22. Medal of Honor PC specs revealed
    23. Miyamoto envies Rubik's Cube creator
    1. FIFA 11
    2. Enslaved PS3/360 demo showdown
    1. Digital Foundry vs. LittleBigPlanet 2
    2. Featherweight Champion
    1. Ubisoft scrapped modern Prince of Persia
    2. No story in NFS: Hot Pursuit
    3. Medal of Honor Multiplayer
    4. MadCatz details locked-out PS3 pads
    5. Study: PSN enjoys bumper sales month
    6. Level-5 working on Ace Attorney series?
    7. Star Wars MMO gets a million users
    8. DUST 514 "absolutely" exists - EVE dev
    9. Codies trying to make Steam sell F1 2010
    10. Crysis 2 will be more fun in 3D
    11. EA: PS3 can overtake Xbox 360
    12. Gothic 4 PC, Xbox 360 demo out now
    13. Get Games Ubisoft sale underway
    14. FM 2011 supports Twitter
    15. El Shaddai
    16. Wii Remote Plus spotted
    17. Tech Analysis: Halo: Reach
    18. LittleBigPlanet 2 Engine Face-Off
    19. UFC Undisputed 2010 patch detailed
    20. See Sonic creator at Eurogamer Expo
    21. Atari GO to make money from old games
    22. Foundation 9 industry's "secret weapon"
    23. Dead Space 2 beta on PS3 now
    24. MOH beta to "clear up misunderstanding"
    25. New SSFIV costumes coming
    26. No Donkey Kong banana pouch for UK
    27. Halo: Reach played 70 million times
    28. Ninja Theory pitched Enslaved movie
    29. Sackboy storms 3D Dot Game Heroes
    30. Deadly Premonition prequel planned
    31. Capcom: DLC more effective than ads
    1. Treyarch supports Medal of Honor team
    2. Ex-Bungie exec calls out Kotick
    3. Shantae sequel dated for DSiWare
    4. PS3 update disables third-party pads
    5. Indies not sold on Kinect
    6. EVE Online's Incarna for summer 2011
    7. ICO, Guardian films being "fought for"
    8. Free Super Meat Boy DLC revealed
    9. New PSP Worms has base building
    10. New DLC character announced for BlazBlue
    11. Molyneux, mo' problems
    12. BioShock Infinite not heavily scripted
    13. BioShock Infinite
    14. PS+ gets AC: Brotherhood beta first
    15. Official FFXIV pad coming to Europe
    16. H.A.W.X. 2 for PC delayed till Nov?
    17. Get MS to bring Kinect to your house
    18. Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow
    19. LittleBigPlanet 2 delayed until January
    20. GOWII dev working with Just Cause dev
    21. Rumour: Project Milo cancelled
    22. Inaba joins East vs. West debate
    23. Activision acquires NASCAR IP - report
    24. "Gay space marines" man apologises
    25. Ni no Kuni: The Another World
    26. Vote on Xbox Live Deal of the Week
    27. Pachter: Sony should copy 3DS
    28. THQ: Kinect/Move games are cheap
    1. Cave Story DS on the way?
    2. Sign up to test new Xbox dashboard
    3. Facebook claims 200 million gamers
    4. Saints Row, UFC games for Facebook?
    5. Enslaved DLC detailed
    6. Expired Zune Pass sub blocks music
    7. Another dance game heading to Kinect
    8. Square unveils FFXIV currency
    9. Dragon Age 2, Bulletstorm at EG Expo
    10. Just for the record?
    11. Trials HD UK Open at Eurogamer Expo
    12. Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue heads PSN
    13. F1 2010: The Final Lap
    14. Second Vanquish demo coming to EU/US
    15. Codemasters already working on F1 2011
    16. Nintendo 3DS tech spec exploration
    17. Capcom Tells All
    18. EVE Online's 14th expansion revealed
    19. New Dante inspired by James Bond reboot
    20. DmC: Devil May Cry
    21. Asura's Wrath
    22. Capcom denies alienating DR2 PS3 gamers
    23. Dead Rising 2: Case West
    24. Worms: Battle Islands heading to Wii
    25. Castlevania: LOS demo a PSN+ exclusive
    26. WRC demo on Xbox Live now
    27. First StarCraft II patch goes live
    28. DJ Hero 2 setlist confirmed
    29. Research firm: XBLA has best month ever
    30. MS debating "a more persistent" Halo
    31. Nintendo 3DS specs reportedly leaked
    32. Hydro Thunder Hurricane DLC blows in
    33. Capcom teaming up with Level-5
    34. No SSFIV for PC gamers
    35. Inception game on the way?
    36. BioShock Infinite gameplay trailer hits XBL
    37. Capcom resurrects arcade classics
    38. Hydrophobia, Super Meat Boy dated
    39. Pokémon smashes sales record
    40. Def Jam Rapstar
    1. SEGA apologises for Yakuza 3 cuts
    2. Will Yun and Yang come to console SF4?
    3. Sid Meier's Civilization V
    4. Civilization V demo out now
    5. Halo: Reach doubles UK 360 sales
    6. Dissidia sequel confirmed for Europe
    7. Tokyo Jungle
    8. PlayTV patch to cost "reasonable" amount
    9. Lara Croft online co-op delayed again
    10. WWE special eds have wrestling DVDs
    11. Podcast #37
    12. Codies explains download-only PC F1 2010
    13. F1 2010 Codies' "biggest" release ever
    14. Splinter Cell/POP HD Collections likely
    15. PES 2011 playable at Eurogamer Expo
    16. EU 360s get Zune update in autumn
    17. MJ MMO: "No doubt" people will joke
    18. The Bible Online gets European date
    19. More Fallout Online art dribbles out
    20. Get free games with Darksiders PC
    21. Cammie Dunaway leaves Nintendo
    22. PS3 firmware 3.50 available now
    23. No Move in next Naughty Dog game
    24. Fable III Achievements leaked
    25. PS3 controller is titled Move, says source
    26. Sony, Konami file Arc trademarks
    27. Sony to release 10 Arc games by 2011
    28. Sony registers PlayStationArc domain
    29. PS3 "break apart" motion pad sighted
    30. PS3 to get motion-sensing controller?
    31. House: PS3 motion controller at TGS
    32. House: Time is right for PS3 motion control
    33. E3: Sony motion controller revealed
    34. E3: Sony: PS3 wand devkits already out
    35. Sony: PS3 wand is "best of both worlds"
    36. PS3 motion games only need one wand
    37. Resi 5 to work with PS3 magic wand
    38. Sony lists internal wand launch projects
    39. Cage will "definitely" explore PS3 wand
    40. Tim Willits: PC is still best for FPS control
    41. Sony seeking Android-savvy engineers
    42. New free-to-play Battlefield incoming?
    43. PS3 overtakes Wii in Japan
    44. King of Kong snatches back DK crown
    45. THQ won't give up on Wii
    46. Tomb Raider set for another makeover?
    47. No more DLC for Alan Wake
    48. Sony: "Buttons are irreplaceable"
    49. SingStar Dance tracklist revealed
    50. Jaffe: Games don't have to be art
    51. Sonic Free Riders
    1. Alien Breed 2 spawns this week
    2. ChampMan media scandals "would be fun"
    3. Analysts back MS's 3m Kinect sales claim
    4. LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta
    5. Bungie outlines Halo: Reach changes
    6. Kojima wants to show next at TGS 2011
    7. Sony: Move piggybacked Kinect hype
    8. Inafune: Japan "five years behind" West
    9. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
    10. UK chart: Halo: Reach rockets to top
    11. Doctor Who games get second series
    12. Sony: PSP to skew towards kids
    13. Global Agenda wants APB "refugees"
    14. Eidos Montreal to present Deus Ex: Human Revolution at Eurogamer Expo
    15. Limbo won XBLA summer by miles
    16. Halo: Reach played for a millennia
    17. Itagaki: I'd like Devil's Third to support 3D
    18. F1 2010
    19. Team Ico Collection gets Trophies
    20. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 announced
    21. The Dream Machine
    1. Mega Man Universe based on Mega Man 2
    2. Capcom's profits plummet
    3. Muramasa heading to PSN and XBLA?
    4. Monster Hunter Tri servers go down
    5. Games obsessed with "gay space marines"
    6. EDF: Insect Armageddon revealed
    7. XBLA dev: We need better marketing
    8. Japan-only PS1 titles could head to Europe
    9. New game incoming from Tekken director?
    10. Setting Sun?
    1. Metroid: Other M bug forces restarts
    2. Football Manager 2011 dated
    3. Privates too sexual for Xbox 360
    4. Molyneux to keynote Eurogamer Expo, Gears of War 3 playable!
    5. Your Move
    6. APB dev blames demise on "complacency"
    7. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Vietnam
    8. Kinect: "Biggest platform launch ever"
    9. Microsoft's Phil Spencer
    10. Invade friends' worlds in Disgaea 4
    11. Two Worlds II dated in mainland Europe
    12. Halo: Reach "biggest" MS game ever
    13. Medal of Honor's Greg Goodrich
    14. Download Games Roundup
    15. Redesigned Monster Hunter PSP not for EU
    16. APB "plug to be pulled" within 24 hours
    17. Kamiya hints at Bayonetta 2
    18. New Team Ninja out to prove itself
    19. Ninja Gaiden 3 revealed
    20. The Last Guardian out "late 2011"
    21. Epic Games may buy APB - report
    22. PSPgo met Sony's expectations
    23. Dynasty Warriors 7 announced
    24. Bob Marley Rock Band DLC confirmed
    25. THQ's Homefront delayed
    26. Massive MAG update incoming
    27. Capcom adds to MVC3 roster
    28. Scribblenauts creator ditched PSP concept
    29. Suda51 concerned by PlayStation Move
    30. Mortal Kombat dev: We have a PSP2
    31. Killzone developers start new studio
    32. Bobby Kotick loves the Ride board
    1. The Last Guardian
    2. Microsoft TGS 2010 Conference
    3. Phantasy Star Online 2 announced
    4. ICO, SOTC Collection due spring 2011
    5. Hirai: PS3 sales "better" than expected
    6. MOH "not about the Taliban or Al-Qaeda"
    7. Medal of Honor Single-Player
    8. Story-based Mafia II DLC announced
    9. Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed
    10. MS: Kinect will sell over 3m this xmas
    11. SEGA's Rise of Nightmare for Kinect
    12. SouthPeak cagey on Two Worlds II date
    13. James Bond 007: Blood Stone
    14. Deadly Premonition dated
    15. Capcom reveals Kinect Steel Battalion
    16. Sony unveils rejigged Monster Hunter PSP
    17. Blu-ray 3D support hits PS3 next week
    18. Last Guardian coming holiday 2011
    19. MGS: The Snake Eater 3D out 2011
    20. EA talks up Kinect/Move potential
    21. Activision plans pay-to-view game movies
    22. US God of War PSP pre-orders detailed
    23. New Xbox 360 sells faster than PS3 Slim
    24. Chrysler issues Call of Duty Jeep
    25. Bungie had no choice but Activision
    26. Bit.Trip Beat due on PC, PSN/XBLA possible
    27. Activision has no plans for online fees
    28. New cars, tracks unveiled for GT5
    29. EA hints at spring launch for 3DS
    30. Zombies invade new Yakuza game
    31. Kinect Brain Training dated for Europe
    32. Brain Training to return on Kinect
    33. Reach generates $200m in day one sales
    1. DOWII Retribution beta announced
    2. The Last Guardian shown at TGS
    3. Sonic Adventure on XBLA today
    4. Relic dev's widow thanks gamers
    5. Ninja Theory's Devil May Cry confirmed
    6. Wii owners "graduating" to Move
    7. 3DS Dead or Alive announced
    8. Capcom announces Asura's Wrath
    9. Epic Mickey dated
    10. GoldenEye 007
    11. Capcom shows Dead Rising 2: Case West
    12. Move demos flood PS Store
    13. FIFA 11 demo out now
    14. PES 2011 demo available to all
    15. EA reveals Shadows of the Damned
    16. MS fixing Reach campaign co-op issue
    17. EA announces My Garden for 3DS
    18. New 360 shooter from Mega Man team
    19. New DSi XL colours next month
    20. Sorcery
    21. Spector: It's a Golden Age for gaming
    22. Super Metroid 64 nearly happened
    23. Blizzard to ban StarCraft II cheaters
    24. Ninja Theory announcement due at TGS
    25. Hot Pursuit will dwarf Burnout Paradise
    26. EA claims in-game ads are working
    27. PopCap announces Super Zuma
    28. New Red Dead multiplayer DLC details
    1. Sony's PS2 adaptor patent explored
    2. Sniper: Ghost Warrior gains MP maps
    3. Sony invents back-compat device
    4. EA Sports' Peter Moore
    5. Analysts doubt Reach can beat Black Ops
    6. Vanquish Limited Edition has 7" figurine
    7. inFamous 2
    8. SuperCar Challenge dev's next detailed
    9. Ueda presenting Last Guardian at TGS
    10. Podcast #36
    11. HMV to sell Dead Rising 2 a day early
    12. US gets free Metallica to GH:WOR imports
    13. Trials HD sells over a million
    14. New details of PS3 magic wand emerge
    15. EA boss says PS3 wand is called Gem
    16. Gem "was codename" for PS3 wand
    17. Sony reveals high hopes for PS3 wand
    18. Wii GoldenEye 007 to blow up campers
    19. Moore: New home consoles years away
    20. Valve introduces the Steam Wallet
    21. Battlefield Heroes gets MOH items
    22. New Resident Evil CGI film announced
    23. Duke won't derail Borderlands plans
    24. Dissidia: Final Fantasy sequel PSP-bound
    25. Bizarre to "move on" from Geometry Wars
    26. Red Faction: Armageddon delayed
    27. James Bond: Blood Stone
    28. Bungie creating new engine for Acti game
    29. Halo Waypoint refreshed for Reach
    30. BioShock Infinite gameplay vid incoming
    31. Epic Citadel downloaded one million times
    32. Bob Marley hits coming to Rock Band?
    33. Court ruling threatens used games market
    34. COD: Black Ops censored in Japan
    35. SNES Wii controller gets UK release
    1. Busy Cryptic won't forget STO, Champions
    2. Heavy Rain Move Edition dated, priced
    3. Naughty Dog "not interested" in PS3 wand for third-person action games
    4. The PS3 wand is called Arc - report
    5. MS: No game is bigger than Halo
    6. Halo: Reach
    7. Team ICO Collection "around £25"
    8. Play Your Cards Right
    9. MG: Rising dev fears GTA-style reaction
    10. Metal Gear Solid: Rising
    11. No campaign co-op for COD: Black Ops
    12. Star Wars Kinect alive and well
    13. UK chart: Mafia II untouchable on top
    14. Capcom showcases Resi 3DS tech
    15. Super Mario celebrates 25th birthday
    16. Test Drive Unlimited 2 beta begins
    17. HMV doing midnight Halo: Reach launch
    18. FFXIV open beta ends on Sunday
    19. Halo: Reach credit wipe, bans begun
    20. Valkyria Chronicles 3 for TGS this week
    21. Nintendo registers Euro 3DSWare mark
    22. Acti officially unveils Blood Drive
    23. 3DS to launch in Japan on 20th Nov?
    1. The Case for PS Move
    2. Face-Off: Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2
    1. The Boys' Treehouse
    1. Section 8 sequel announced
    2. Memorial fund set-up for Relic dev
    3. Need for Speed MMO turns free
    4. EA: MOH must sell 3 million for sequel
    5. Download Games Roundup
    6. Valve: XBL patching a "train wreck"
    7. MS: Halo: Reach will outsell COD: Black Ops
    8. Sony: We'll never "outspend" Microsoft
    9. August NPDs: Xbox 360 on top again
    10. Apple: "We don't need more fart apps"
    11. Virtua Tennis 4
    1. Gothic 4 demo later this month
    2. Dead Rising prologue breaks records
    3. FarmVille boss ordered copying - report
    4. Face-Off: Mafia II
    5. Halo: Reach launch celebs named
    6. Metroid: Other M
    7. F1 2010 manual appears online
    8. Hirai: "3D best enjoyed on big-screen"
    9. Dragon Age: Origins - DLC Roundup
    10. Duke Nukem Forever
    11. Battlefield 1943 not released on PC
    12. LOTRO free-to-play relaunch delayed
    13. MS: Xbox Live Fort Gay ban "a mistake"
    14. Wii Party
    15. Face-Off: Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    1. Top Gun buzzes EU PSN Store
    2. Neverwinter "a co-op Dragon Age"
    3. Top Gun's Jack Epps Jr.
    4. Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker
    5. Silent Hill 8 formally announced
    6. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
    7. No new episode for FFXIII - Square
    8. Katamari's Takahashi leaves Namco
    9. Sony reveals PS Move facts galore
    10. £300 Kinect 250GB bundle confirmed
    11. Dead Rising: Case Zero proves popular
    12. FFXIII 360 heads to Japan, new content
    13. New Mass Effect 2 DLC fixed
    14. New Dissidia Final Fantasy coming
    1. Conduit dev making Wii Cap America?
    2. Top Spin 4 announced
    3. ME2 360 owners prefer Grunt to Miranda
    4. New Transformers DLC out now
    5. Podcast #35
    6. Relic dev died saving wife and child
    7. MS: Kinect "really hard to pull off"
    8. Kinect's Kudo Tsunoda
    9. Plants vs. Zombies on XBLA tomorrow
    10. DJ Hero 2 and GH:WOR demos out now
    11. Alice: Madness Returns
    12. Sony to release Move demos on PSN
    13. Gary Oldman and Ed Harris in Black Ops
    14. Kitase: Kinect, Move "awkward" for RPGs
    15. Duke Nukem Forever demo likely
    16. Championship Manager PC "on hold"
    17. "Rebuilt" iPhone ChampMan soon
    18. Total Annihilation creator backs the PC
    19. Braid creator shows off new game
    20. Exporting confirmed for Rock Band 3
    21. New PS3 update increases security
    22. New Uncharted 2 DLC on the way
    1. 3rd Birthday not intentionally "erotic"
    2. EA Partners' David DeMartini
    3. EA: Insomniac game to beat 90 Metacritic
    4. EA: New Fight Night mode is "wow"
    5. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep
    6. MS "still eager" to make a Halo film
    7. Sony sending LBP2 beta invites this week
    8. Tiesto becomes DJ Hero ambassador
    9. Cryptic has "several other projects"
    10. Borderlands' level increase is free
    11. Fight Night Champion's Brian Hayes
    12. UK chart: Mafia II still top dog
    13. EA big hitters at Eurogamer Expo
    14. EA looking at Lord of Ultima security
    15. A new PSP game is coming out
    16. Bungie to reset Reach Credits at launch
    17. Elemental failure forces layoffs
    18. Gearbox owns Duke IP
    19. Relic developer dies in car crash tragedy
    20. Dragon Age: Ultimate Edition spotted
    21. Red 5 Studios unveils Firefall
    22. Crackdown 2 DLC problem fixed
    23. Aliens: Colonial Marines still alive
    1. First UK showings for RAGE and Hunted!
    2. Job's Game
    1. Confirmed: Duke Nukem Forever alive
    2. Killzone 3 dated for North America
    3. Moore: EA willing to admit it's wrong
    4. Wii GoldenEye motivated by money - Hollis
    5. Capcom's Keiji Inafune
    6. Activision's Blood Drive outed
    7. Download Games Roundup
    8. McGee: Alice won't go "over the top"
    9. JAW's Oddworld remake a PSN exclusive
    10. Rare dismisses Kinect space concern
    11. PES 2011 demo dated
    12. Telltale's Back to the Future by Nov
    13. Ninety-Nine Nights II
    14. Yakuza 4 gets Western release
    15. Crackdown 2 DLC borked
    16. Telltale reveals crossover Poker game
    17. Dead Space 2 multiplayer details emerge
    18. 2K to stream "something big" tonight
    19. Pretty action RPG Bastion revealed
    20. Squenix working with US studio
    21. Conduit 2 delayed until 2011
    22. Super Stardust HD dev unveils Outland
    23. Yun and Yang for SSFIV Arcade?
    24. Red Dead Redemption sells loads
    1. L.A. Noire officially delayed
    2. Take-Two "very proud" of Mafia II
    3. Square Enix limiting FFXIV beta codes
    4. Batman: The Brave and the Bold dated
    5. Mythos closed beta sign-ups open
    6. Crackdown 2's Toy Box DLC released
    7. DJ Hero 2 snares Wu-Tang's RZA
    8. And Yet It Moves
    9. Top Gun on PS3 next Wednesday
    10. Trials dev has another secret project
    11. Capcom aims high with Dead Rising 2
    12. Project Sword wows on iOS devices
    13. Treyarch unveils Black Ops multiplayer
    14. Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer
    15. Bangai-O heading to XBLA
    16. Vanquish, R.U.S.E. demos on PS3 now
    17. Super Mario All-Stars heading to Wii?
    18. Puzzle Quest 2 for PSP this year
    19. Sony details Sept/Oct PS Plus content
    20. GTA on iPad next week for six quid
    21. PSN to get cloud-based music service
    22. PS3 to get 3D Blu-ray update soon
    23. iPhone Game Center due next week
    24. Vanquish demo showdown
    1. RedLynx reveals MotoHeroz for WiiWare
    2. The Witcher 2 will have 16 endings
    3. Dead Rising 2: Case Zero
    4. Final Fantasy XIV beta delayed
    5. Final Fantasy XIV Online
    6. Vanquish demo held back on 360
    7. No Euro Kinect voice rec until spring
    8. StarCraft II sells 3 million in a month
    9. XBLA Hydrophobia dated, priced
    10. BioShock film "still an active thing"
    11. Levine "experimenting" with Infinite MP
    12. Kinect supports three languages at launch
    13. Extra MAG character slots for 99 cents
    14. Split/Second DLC released today
    15. Nelson reveals XBL release schedule
    16. White Knight Chronicles goes portable
    17. Metal Gear: Rising to go on show at TGS
    18. Sony unveiling iTunes rival tonight?
    19. Sony unveils Tokyo Jungle for PS3
    20. Tim Schafer hates "arthouse" label
    21. Open source PSJailbreak released