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Splinter Cell/POP HD Collections likely

More retailer listings for HD trilogies appear.

The release of high definition Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia trilogies looks increasingly likely following the appearance of a new set of retailer listings on the internet.

Zavvi lists both HD Collections on its site: the Splinter Cell Trilogy and the Prince of Persia Trilogy, with an RRP of 30 quid. Both games are available to pre-order.

Zavvi has the Splinter Cell Trilogy down for release on 26th November 2010, and the Prince of Persia Trilogy slated for a 11th March 2011 launch. Both games are only listed for the PlayStation 3.

The news follows the appearance of both games on the French version of Amazon last month.

The first three Splinter Cell games were 2002's Splinter Cell; 2004's Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow; and 2005's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory.

The Prince of Persia trilogy may refer to the Sands of Time Trilogy, which featured PlayStation 2 games released between 2003 and 2005.

Sources told Eurogamer that publisher Ubisoft "may be launching" what are described as "collections skus" in 2010 - in the same way Sony released the God of War Collection earlier this year - although our sources are yet to hear official word.

A spokesperson for Ubisoft refused to comment.

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