Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

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Splinter Cell/POP HD Collections likely

More retailer listings for HD trilogies appear.

The release of high definition Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia trilogies looks increasingly likely following the appearance of a new set of retailer listings on the internet.

Prince of Persia movie trailer pops up

Prince of Persia movie trailer pops up

See Jake and Gemma go at it. So to speak.

A new trailer for the Prince of Persia movie has appeared on YouTube.

It shows the eponymous hero, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, running, jumping and generally swishing his sword about. He's got an English accent, by the sounds of things.

Also featured are Gemma Arterton, who plays sidekick Tamina, and Ben Kingsley, who must be a baddie judging by that beard.

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Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones

Ironically for a game whose central mechanic involves turning back time, Ubisoft has spent the last 12 months trying to do just that.

After the majestic, understated, balletic brilliance of The Sands of Time, the splittle-flecked gothic angst of The Warrior Within was a shockingly unnecessary change of direction. Leaving most evangelists of the original ashen-faced, it was akin to the mortified humiliation of seeing your charming, witty best mate turn into a possessed, spiteful, drunken lunatic just at point you've introduced him up to all your cute single female friends. "Honestly, he's not normally like this," you plead as he vomits down Suzie's top.

Worse still, it was a very public mistake. All those people you'd spent a year raving about The Sands of Time to rushed out and bought it, meaning we've had a subsequent year of people whining at us in return. And what sucks even more is that now both sets don't really care about The Two Thrones. Even the die-hards mutter cynically that it'll be another Warrior Within, despite Ubi's repeated protestations that "no, really, it's much more like the first one! Wait…come back!"

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Prince of Persia 3 titled

When two thrones go to war...

Ubisoft has announced the official title for the third instalment in the Prince of Persia series, due out on PC, PS2 and Xbox later this year.

Farah's POP3 return explained

See what she looks like, too.

With Prince of Persia 3 nearing completion, Ubisoft has released details of some of the secondary characters we can expect to see. The developer is pitching the third game as a concluding chapter that "will bring back all the major characters" - and the most significant addition to the line-up has to be Farah, heroine of The Sands of Time (pictured left in her new threads).

Prince of Persia 3

Has it quelled the worrier within?

If we could turn back time, we'd rewind to Christmas 2003. That way, we could eat Mark's Christmas dinner again, because it was fantabulous. Also: we could play Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time all over again, and it would all be new. Right now, it's getting old. We've finished it so many times that we've started naming the walls. "Hello Frank, how's the creeper?" we'll be heard exclaiming as we scamper improbably along a sheer rock surface, flecks of sand wafting past us in the air like some sort of angelic dandruff, occasionally calling upon that celebrated Dagger of Time to undo a mistimed jump. Where once the enormous rooms that had to be navigated via a carefully aligned network of ledges, pillars, platforms and switches filled us with wonder and curiosity, now they simply represent well-worn routines that, much as we enjoy performing them, are all too familiar. Oh, to be able to play it again without knowing it.

New Prince of Persia 3 trailer

New Prince of Persia 3 trailer

Development diary ahoy!

The first Prince of Persia 3 development video diary has been made available for download on Eurofiles.

The clip gives details about our hero's outdoor environment of Babylon, showing its inspiration and creation across day and night as well as how the Prince will interact with it – all thanks to a number of storyboards, cut-scenes, conceptual sketches, gameplay footage and handy interview material with producer Ben Mattis and Olivier Leonardi, the game's artistic director.

Prince of Persia: Kindred Blades follows the plot of the Prince's return to Babylon with his love Kaileena, only to find himself an outcast in his own land and the spirit of a Dark prince is beginning to possess him. In turn, this gives you the chance to play as to different characters, both boasting unique fighting styles and weapons to mix things up with. All on top of time-shifting powers, stealth/action gameplay and wonderful decapitations, if you so wish.

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Prince of Persia 3 trailer

Prince of Persia 3 trailer

And new screenshots.

A new trailer for the third instalment in Ubisoft's Prince of Persia series is now available on Eurofiles. You can also see some new screenshots here.

Prince of Persia: Kindred Blades sees our hero returning to Babylon with the lovely Kaileena, only to discover that war has ravaged the land and everyone hates him. Cast out onto the streets and hunted as a fugitive, the Prince soon learns that the spirit of a deadly Dark Prince is beginning to possess him.

Which means, neatly, that you get to play as two different characters, each with unique fighting styles and weapons. As you might expect there's lots of jumping across rooftops, defeating powerful enemies and messing about with time to be done, with a bit of stealth action thrown into the mix.

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Prince Of Persia 3: Kindred Blade

(Working title.) A princely return to form?

Ask anyone here at Eurogamer what their favourite games were of the last two years, and Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time will almost certainly figure near the top of the list.