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Battlefield Heroes gets MOH items

Plus new weapons and a map.

New Battlefield Heroes clothing sets based on characters from upcoming Afghanistan shooter Medal of Honor are available to buy now.

Tier 1 Elite and Tier 1 specialist items are out now. Clothing sets based on the Tier 1 Operative and Tier 1 Captain will be available early October. There's a new trailer below.

It's all part of an in-game event called "Medal of Honor tribute", which starts today and runs until 2nd November.

Six new weapons are available: two brand new models and four upgraded models with new camouflage painting, scopes or attachments. From 7pm BST today signing up for the EA Gun Club newsletter will net you 700 Battlefunds.

EA's also released a new medium-sized map for Battlefield Heroes. Alpine Assault is a mountainside battlefield packed with forests and rocky hills perfect for sneaky snipers.

Eurogamer reviewed Battlefield Heroes, a cartoon style free-to-play version of DICE's hugely popular first-person shooter series, in July last year, awarding it a 6/10.