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EA to donate nearly £6k to Child’s Play

Battlefield Heroes charity drive works.

EA will donate nearly £6000 to videogame charity Child's Play after the sale of Christmas-themed virtual outfits in free-to-play cartoon shooter Battlefield Heroes raised £3000.

EA launched the money-raising drive at the beginning of December when it pledged to make a $1 donation for every Santa or Nikolaus outfit sold for the PC shooter during the month.

EA raised $4594 from the sales of the suits and decided to match this sum with the same amount of money. In total it will donate $9188 to Child's Play.

"We are very proud of our community and what they managed to achieve," senior producer James Salt told Eurogamer.

"We also decided to match their contribution and are extremely happy to donate $9188 to Child's Play charity."

Child's Play aims to improve the lives of children with toys and games in over 60 hospitals worldwide.

Eurogamer reviewed Battlefield Heroes in July last year, awarding it a 6/10.