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BF Heroes raises £2.5k for Child's Play

Sale of virtual outfits makes the difference.

Free-to-play cartoon online shooter Battlefield Heroes has raised £2500 for videogame charity Child's Play through the sale of Christmas-themed virtual outfits.

EA launched the money-raising drive at the beginning of the month when it pledged to make a $1 donation to Child's Play, which aims to improve the lives of children with toys and games in over 60 hospitals worldwide, for every Santa or Nikolaus outfit sold for the PC shooter during December.

17 days in and $4000 have been raised. And if the community can reach the $8000 mark by the end of the month, EA will double it.

"We're blown away by the support our community has shown for the Child's Play charity, which helps provide video games for children in hospital," the game's senior producer James Salt told Eurogamer.

"As of Thursday the 16th we have received a little over $3700 in donations. If we can reach $8,000 by December the 31st, we'll match that total with another $8000. $16000 certainly buys lots of video games!"

Eurogamer reviewed Battlefield Heroes in July last year, awarding it a 6/10.