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Battlefield Heroes Xmas event launched

New items and Battlefield Play4Free link.

Every time someone buys a Santa or Nikolaus outfit for free to play online shooter Battlefield Heroes, EA will make a charitable contribution to the Child's Play charity, the publisher has announced.

As part of a new Christmas event, which begins today, new weapons are available to buy. For the first time the Gunner and Soldier classes will gain access to weapons with functional scopes that actually zoom in, and the Commando class will also get two new sniper rifles.

And, in the spirit of Christmas, EA has released an Advent calendar. Every day a new door will open with new items to purchase.

The game will also tie in with the recently announced realistic shooter Battlefield Play4Free. Every player funding at least 2800 Battlefunds ($20) during December will get an exclusive 'Only the few' M9 Pistol in Battlefield Play4Free. Qualifying users will get the weapon when Battlefield Play4Free launches early next year.

Eurogamer reviewed Battlefield Heroes, a cartoon style free-to-play version of DICE's hugely popular first-person shooter series, in July last year, awarding it a 6/10.

Gun barrel singers.

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