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Battlefield Heroes registers 7 million

Use your Eisenhower bout that?

Battlefield Heroes - the cartoon, free-to-play, web browser MMO - has fired the canons to announce seven million registered users.

That's not seven million people buying extra moustaches or nifty Nazi-style digs, but simply seven million people who have access to the game. It's taken roughly one year and nine months to get there.

Battlefield Heroes demands little of today's machinery and presents a palatable, snack-sized dose of Battlefield gameplay to the masses. Skewering its way through is an MMO backbone that offers levelling, hotbars and character customisation. And what customisation there is, thanks to a vast wardrobe of pantomime-style war garb.

The whole package is wrapped up in advertising and micro-transactions

Eurogamer cocked a sceptical eye at Battlefield Heroes at launch, awarding an apprehensive but enjoyable 6/10.

Dead Space in Battlefield Heroes.