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New Battlefield Heroes items for sale

And we've got a code for them.

EA has put up for sale new virtual Battlefield Heroes items as part of a month long in-game event starting today.

Two new clothing sets (Burly Bruce, Savage Sly), three new widgets (Throwing knife, Gasoline tank and Punch) and two new emotes (Gunslinger and Knife shave) are available as part of the "Action Heroes" promotion.

The event will run until 13th September. And... What's this? A code that'll give you 700 Battlefunds (worth €5)? Why, yes it is.


Be quick - that code only has a hundred uses.

EA's released a new trailer to launch the event, which you can see below.

Eurogamer reviewed Battlefield Heroes, a cartoon style free-to-play version of DICE's hugely popular first-person shooter series, in July last year, awarding it a 6/10.

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