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ME2 360 owners prefer Grunt to Miranda

Must be liz-ard abs.

Xbox 360 gamers preferred team-mate Grunt to team-mate Miranda, although the opposite was true on PC, BioWare has revealed.

"On the PC, people did Miranda's loyalty mission quite a bit, which is where she is trying to connect with her sister and it's more of a touchy-feely plot," exec producer Casey Hudson told IGN. "Not a lot of Xbox 360 players did that one. But the Xbox 360 players did do Grunt's mission a lot more than PC players."

BioWare noted that Xbox 360 owners did 10 per cent more loyalty missions than PC players.

The average time taken to finish Mass Effect 2 was recorded as 33 hours, although two people managed to clock 66 hours before finishing. PC owners took an hour longer than their console counterparts to wade through.

The most number of playthroughs was 28, which was achieved by two PC gamers. Four Xbox 360 owners completed the game 23 times. Pathetic.

By far the most played Mass Effect 2 class was the Soldier, which was picked more than any other class combined. The least popular class was the Engineer.

Only 20 per cent chose to be a female Shepard (including me), and 80 per cent tinkered with their hero's face before the game got underway. From there, half that started the game saw it through, and a further 50 per cent imported saved games from Mass Effect 1.

Finally, only 15 per cent of conversations were skipped.

How did you play yours?