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Bioware pulls dead FemShep statue from merch store

See you, space commander.

BioWare has removed a bizarre statue of Mass Effect's dying Commander Shepard from its online store, following fan confusion and upset.

The statue appeared on the BioWare Gear Store yesterday, and features (yes, you guessed it) the dead female body of Commander Shepard floating around in space as seen in the opening to Mass Effect 2. The statue was priced at $135 and its store page stated only 2000 would be available worldwide.

Needless to say, a statue suddenly being sold that depicts a dying character is a bit odd to begin with. The posing of FemShep is also a bit much - why the slightly arched back? Out of context, it looks a bit like Shepard's death is being sexualised and fetishised. And why only FemShep? What about if I want a statue of male Shepard limply floating about?

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It doesn't seem like these questions will be answered any time soon, as the statue has now been taken off BioWare Gear Store. You can still view the page through Wayback Machine though.

BioWare has now addressed the situation, at least, and released a statement following the statue's removal. In it, the developer says the statue was "was intended to be a part of a series, commemorating some of the key and most emotional moments in the series." Maybe there'll be a whole set of death statues commemorating Mass Effect 2's finale?

The dead FemShep statue can no longer be bought and anyone who managed to pre-order it before it was removed will automatically be refunded.

A press release for the statue reportedly stated it was intended to be a "conversation starter" (unfortunately, Wayback Machine could not help me here so thank you Kotaku), and it succeeded.

Whatever Bioware's "larger plan" for this statue and the series it's a part of is, it's definitely gotten attention now.

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