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Wii GoldenEye motivated by money - Hollis

Activision won't do original "justice".

Martin Hollis, he who made the original GoldenEye for N64, thinks there may be a strong whiff of money up Activision's nostrils when it comes to the new GoldenEye 007 Wii remake.

Speaking to Official Nintendo Magazine, Hollis said he'd be surprised if anyone at the publisher was bothered about doing the original game "justice".

"I imagine it is a business decision, isn't it?" he opened. "This name is valuable, let's use it.

"I find it hard to picture Activision's top management being excited about the original and wanting to do it justice. In fact, I find it hard to imagine them being excited about any game. It's my perception that they are trying to be EA, only more so. I think they are doing a fine job at that."

Nevertheless, Hollis knows developer Eurocom and "likes" them. "They are a good company," he declared. "I'm confident they have done their very best."

GoldenEye 007 will be released on Wii this November. Controversially, the game will star Daniel Craig instead of Pierce Brosnan, but otherwise the key ingredients of the original are back in full swing, with split-screen and online multiplayer taking top billing.

Christian Donlan cast his golden eye over the game in July.

Must be an Odd Job recreating these hallowed multiplayer halls.

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