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GoldenEye 007 cheat codes won't work on Xbox

But they do on Switch.

GoldenEye 007 is now available on both Nintendo Switch and Xbox, but it turns out cheats work slightly differently across the two versions.

N64 players will remember the likes of DK mode, paintball mode, and the Aztec and Egyptian secret levels, which were unlocked by completing missions within difficulty and time limit conditions. Alternatively, they could be unlocked by inputting cheat codes.

However, while those cheat codes still work on the Switch version, they are not compatible with the Xbox version.

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The news was confirmed to Polygon by an Xbox spokesperson: "This version of GoldenEye 007 is, for the majority, as players know and love from the 1997 version. Specifically for cheats, these can be unlocked by completing levels in the required time, rather than with the button codes previously used."

Still, while the codes exist in the Switch version, they are a bit tricky to activate owing to translating N64 inputs into Switch controls. Alternatively, it's back to those speed runs.

It's another way the two versions differ, considering online multiplayer only exists on Switch.

Despite putting in a load of hours into GoldenEye as a kid, I wasn't aware of these cheat codes. Luckily I got the game second hand (thanks Grandma) which had a save file with all cheats unlocked. Sadly that particular hack won't work this time around.

The game is available on both consoles from today, though there's been some controversy around the pause menu music in the Switch version. But fear not - those iconic bongs have returned.