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Codies trying to make Steam sell F1 2010

"We're most definitely on it."

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UPDATE: Codemasters has just told Eurogamer that the PC version of F1 2010 is unlocked on Steam.

ORIGINAL STORY: UK powerhouse Codemasters has promised irate gamers desperate to play the PC version of F1 2010 that it is "most definitely" on the case after digital distribution platform Steam failed to make the game available to download on release day.

Gamers were expecting F1 2010 to be available to download from Steam at midnight. When they found they weren't able to do so they reacted angrily on both Steam and Codemasters' forums.

Codies told Eurogamer this afternoon: "We'd anticipated it being live from midnight (UK, this seems to be affecting UK pre-order gamers) and indeed it is being listed as out now.

"We're addressing this with the Steam team in the US (West Coast) to have this remedied this afternoon."

British Standard Time is eight hours ahead of Pacific Standard Time, so don't expect Valve to push the big red button in the sky for a few hours yet. They're probably snoring and dreaming of Half-Life 3.

In the UK the PC version of F1 2010 is a digital download exclusive unless you pre-ordered.

Codies' told Eurogamer the decision was "appropriate to market observations of boxed versus digital distribution of PC titles".

F1 2010 currently enjoys a consistent 85 on Metacritic, taking into account our own glowing 8/10 review. "The best F1 season in years deserves the best F1 game in years – thankfully, that's exactly what it's got," we wrote.

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