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Eurogamer.net Podcast #35

Duke Nukem! Dragon Quest! Teti! Butter!

On this week's AWARD-NOMINATED Eurogamer Podcast, we're joined by a very special guest - (not) LIVE from NEW YORK!

No, it isn't Woody Allen, Alicia Keys or someone out of Friends. It's regular Eurogamer contributor John Teti, he of Overachiever for a Day and that other thing fame.

Teti joins host Ellie Gibson and reviews editor Oli Welsh, live (all right, recorded) from Manhattan (Brooklyn) via satellite (Skype).

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As always there's a bit of chat about what we've been playing, which this week means the latest Dragon Quest game, Demon's Souls and PlayStation Move. Then we address the hot topical issues of whether anyone cares about Kinect, whether anyone cares about Duke Nukem Forever and why Tokyo Jungle is going to be the best game ever released.

After that it's time for Forum Affairs. This week: what's the best way to combat gaming apathy? Is the extended console life cycle a good thing, or is it time we saw some new hardware appearing on the market? And how do you stop people stealing butter?

We round up with some questions for Teti, including one about that thing.

Plus: there are no less than three code giveaways this week, thanks to a surprise last minute contribution. Listen out for some extra special transatlantic hyphens.

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