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Duke Nukem Forever demo likely

Gearbox boss thinks it's "important".

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Gearbox head Randy Pitchford had indicated that Duke Nukem Forever will likely get a demo, telling VG247 that he thinks it's "important".

"I think that is an important thing to do," he said. "Now that the cat's out of the bag we can actually make those plans.

"Now we can get with retailers and figure out the launch window, and figure out demo timing, and work with the first-parties on that. We weren't able to do that until this point, because if we did we risked damaging it even further."

Gearbox's resuscitation of the game - which many feared would never see the light of day after its famously epic development at Duke creators 3D Relams hit a wall with the studio's meltdown last year - was announced on Friday. It's due for release next year.

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