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Redesigned Monster Hunter PSP not for EU

"No plans", Sony confirms.

The new, slightly rejigged PSP designed to launch alongside Capcom's Monster Hunter Portable 3rd will not be released in Europe, Sony's confirmed to Eurogamer.

Sony has "no plans" to bring the special edition PSP, unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show this week and due for release in Japan on 1st December this year, to our shores.

While the console's Japanese exclusivity comes as no surprise – Monster Hunter is infinitely more popular in Japan than in the West – fans will be disappointed.

The redesigned handheld has grips that click out from the back of the machine, giving Monster Hunter players more to hold on to.

It has a new, larger analogue stick with an indent in the middle. There are a number of cosmetic additions, too, including various Monster Hunter insignias in gold on the front and back of the console – the silver circle and 'PSP' lettering on the back are also in gold.

The cross-media bar has been completely reskinned with tribal Monster Hunter designs, and the speaker holes have been redesigned to look like Felyne paw prints.

Oh well - guess we'll have to satisfy ourselves with looking at pictures, instead.