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Beefy SupCom 2 DLC released

Cybran Monkeylord! Super Triton! Loads.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Square Enix has released the Infinite War Battle Pack for Supreme Commander 2.

It costs 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and £7 on PC.

Inside are maps, units, experimentals, upgrades and boosts - the lot.

Of the maps, six are four-player - Way Station Zeta, Rigs, Etched Desert, Seraphim Isles, Igneous, Tourneydome - and two are two-player: Desolatia and QAI Labs.

Among the new experimentals are a Cybran Monkeylord - "If this unit makes it to your base, you're already dead"; Super Triton - "ultra-battleship bristling with humongous cannons" and Illuminate Sooprizer - "mega-gunship" with "devastating" direct-fire.

Supreme Commander 2 was released in March. Eurogamer liked it to the tune of 8/10.

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