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Moneybags Wargaming acquires Gas Powered Games

Tanks a lot, I suppose.

Gas Powered Games has a buyer! It's rich World of Tanks maker Wargaming.

Wargaming will take full ownership of Chris Taylor and his studio Gas Powered Games.

Chris Taylor had teased that something was on the cards when he cancelled the Wildman Kickstarter project.

"Wargaming growth in recent years has been tremendous, and we're looking forward to joining one of the fastest growing gaming companies in the world," commented Chris Taylor about the acquisition.

"I'm sure our experience and expertise will help us contribute even more to Wargaming's global success."

What will happen to Wildman now remains to be seen. Wildman was created specifically for Kickstarter. The project Gas Powered Games had been working on, ambitious strategy game Kings and Castles, would have needed far more funding than Kickstarter can typically raise.

With Wargaming now in charge, though, Kings and Castles could be back on the table.

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