Supreme Commander 2


Key events

Gas Powered Games had "multiple" projects canned last minute by publishers

Chris Taylor "shocked" people are questioning his Kickstarter motives, too.

VideoEven more SC2 DLC footage

Boosts, maps and upgrades.

VideoSupreme Commander 2's Cybran Monkeylord

Another DLC feature detailed.

VideoSupreme Commander 2 DLC trailer

Additions include improved AI.

Beefy SupCom 2 DLC released

Cybran Monkeylord! Super Triton! Loads.

Supreme Commander 2 demo on XBL

You'll want to be Stalin something.

Supreme Commander 2

Supreme of chicken.

Supreme Commander 2 demo on Steam

Game using Steamworks tools.

Supreme Commander 2

Robot rock?

Supreme Commander 2 here in March

First on PC, then Xbox 360.

FeatureSupreme Commander 2

ACU in the hole?

Taylor: RTS innovators going backwards

Supreme Commander urges restraint.

FeatureSupreme Commander 2

Experimentally unexperimental.

Supreme Commander 2 blooms in spring

Gas Powered Games details PC/360 sequel.

Squenix handling Supreme Commander 2

Gas Powered Games picks new friend.