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Blu-ray 3D support hits PS3 next week

"Additional features" promised for firmware.

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PlayStation 3 will be upgraded next week to support 3D Blu-ray movies as part of a package of new features to be introduced in firmware 3.50, Sony has announced.

While 3D gaming and the displays themselves have been available for several months now, the volume of 3D movie content is surprisingly lacking, with tent-pole titles such as Avatar being delayed until closer to Christmas. The new firmware for PS3 is a welcome shot in the arm however, as all 38 million units on the market worldwide can be software-upgraded to support the new standard.

The move to support Blu-ray 3D comes at a price, however. According to specs dug up by HomeTechTell, and now removed from the source, 3D Blu-ray movies are unable to simultaneously support the BD-J Java programming language while running stereoscopic content.

This may impact the creativity and ingenuity of Blu-ray 3D authors looking to add bonus content to their discs, and also suggests the latest DRM systems manufacturers have in place running via BD-J will need to be scaled back in order to make their discs compatible with the PlayStation 3.

Additional features over and above the 3D support are promised, with the platform holder revealing specifics in the run-up to the firmware's release on September 21.

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