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Japan-only PS1 titles could head to Europe

Yes, that means Cho Aniki on PS3.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

American PS3 owners will be able to enjoy select Japan-only PSone games for the first time next week with the launch of a new Imports service for the PlayStation Store.

San Jose-based MonkeyPaw Games is behind the initiative and will be bringing the games over in their original untranslated state.

Speaking to Eurogamer, a MonkeyPaw spokesperson said, "We would very much like to have the games spread across Europe but we'll need to have some cooperation from Sony Europe."

At this stage MonkeyPaw is concentrating on titles that are "easy to navigate".

"You may wonder why some of the great Japanese titles you hear about in the press never make it to Western markets," said MonkeyPaw president John Greiner on its website.

"There are numerous reasons, but the biggest is translation. A lot of cost goes into translation thus profitability becomes tenuous for many titles. Remove that barrier and a world of Japanese wonder comes rushing to your screen."

Or in the case of Cho Aniki, one of the first games to appear on Imports, high-kicking naked body-builders. You can also expect to see super-rare side-scroller Gaia Seed.

Currently the titles are only confirmed for the US PlayStation Store and the MonkeyPaw spokesperson said that Sony Europe "would need to approve a Euro version".

"Hopefully they see the response from this and will want to give European gamers the same treatment."

As for what other titles to expect, MonkeyPaw told us, "The wish list is long indeed. We do have quite a line-up already so don't worry about us turning off the spigot. Unfortunately, we haven't announced the other games yet but please keep your eye on us. We hope to release games every two weeks."

Cho Aniki and Gaia Seed arrive on the US PlayStation Store on 21st September priced $5.99 each.

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