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Wii owners "graduating" to Move

Take-Two: Kids want "a true HD experience."

Take-Two big cheese Ben Feder believes kids, like his own, are ready to leave their Wiis behind - and PlayStation Move and Kinect are the perfect "bridge" into "a true HD experience".

"The PS3 with Move, in my view, is the Wii HD system," Feder shared at an investor conference in New York, attended by IGN. "Maybe mom isn't playing, but the kids are graduating, and Microsoft and Sony have both provided a bridge to bring them over."

"I do believe Nintendo did widen the audience," he added. "I can't tell you how many people are going to graduate, but I do believe [Nintendo] raised a generation of kids to play videogames that are now growing up and wanting a true HD experience."

Feder recounted how his own son received a Wii when he was nine years-old but is now - as a teenager - "too embarrassed" to invite his friends over to play it.

The Take-Two boss touched on numerous other areas during his talk. One noteworthy outburst was his declaration that "good games don't make it any more". "In fact," he elaborated, "good is the new bad; games have to be great, and there's no company like Take-Two to make the best games in the industry."

PlayStation Move arrives in shops this Friday. Kinect arrives on 10th November.