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Ex-Bungie exec calls out Kotick

“You're screwed” says Atomic Games man.

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Ex-Bungie executive vice president Peter Tamte has attacked Activision CEO Bobby Kotick for his recent claim that Bungie was, "probably the last remaining high-quality independent developer."

Speaking in an open letter to Kotick published on Kotaku, Tamte, now president of Atomic Games, said, "You were quoted saying that Bungie is the last remaining high-quality independent developer. As a former executive vice president of Bungie, I need to tell you: If this is true, you're screwed.

"Activision and every other big publisher have grown by acquiring independent developers. The industry needs a constant supply of new independent developers to buy because they're the ones creating innovative games that become franchises.

"Gears of War. Portal. Borderlands. None of these games re-hashes the same old formulas," he continued. "They innovate. And, they're made by independent developers, of course.

"As an independent developer, Atomic can't spend its way to big sales like Activision can. We have to innovate. So, if you're confident Activision can innovate without independent developers, this is your opportunity to prove it."

It's been rich pickings for Kotick-watchers of late. The Activision boss recently made headlines for voicing his intent to charge gamers for extended cut-scenes, while also claiming the much maligned Tony Hawk: Ride board was his favourite peripheral.

Atomic Games announced Breach in March. It's a multiplayer FPS heading to PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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