New Breach update targets PC lag

Shooter gets new features, bug fixes.

Review | Breach

Break time.

Out This Week: 28/01/2011

Dead Space 2! Breach! That's it!

New Breach update targets PC lag

Shooter gets new features, bug fixes.

Review | Breach

Break time.

Out This Week: 28/01/2011

Dead Space 2! Breach! That's it!

Video | First Breach trailer tiptoes in

Squad shooter shows destructive gameplay.

PC/XBLA shooter Breach release date

By Six Days in Fallujah dev Atomic.

Dev hopes to finish Six Days in Fallujah

But won't change location to "Bullcrapistan".

Fallujah dev's next in London soon

Breach playable at HMV Trocadero.

Ex-Bungie exec calls out Kotick

“You're screwed” says Atomic Games man.

Fallujah dev unveils Breach

Multiplayer shooter for PC, consoles.