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Brain Training to return on Kinect

Kawashima's involved and everything.

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Microsoft has revealed a new Brain Training game by Dr. Kawashima that is being made for Kinect.

Known (for the time being) as Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With Your Body, the game will be a launch title for Kinect in Japan, according to Andriasang. The motion-sensing camera launches there on 20th November (10th November in Europe).

Brain Training Kinect poses puzzles to the player and awaits a physical answer. A on-stage demonstration showed a woman translating a 24-hour time by using her arms as the small and long arms of a traditional clock (both of hers were the same length, incidentally). Another mini-game had her popping four numbered balloons in order of lowest to highest.

There was even a Pac-Man-inspired game that involved avoiding ghosts with one hand and collecting fruit with the other. Other mini-games included kicking a football into the goal that contained the right answer to a maths question, and tilting a ramp so cars rolled into the correct lane.

Namco Bandai will publish Lead: New Brain Training Where You Answer With Your Body.

Watch the game's first trailer, with the ubiquitous (but now Japanese) happy family on hand to demonstrate:

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