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RedLynx reveals MotoHeroz for WiiWare

Car racing for early 2011.

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RedLynx, the Finnish mastermind behind Trials HD, has announced MotoHeroz for an early 2011 release on WiiWare.

MotoHeroz is cartoon-style platform racer that requires cars to be tilted back and forward to clear 2D stages, a bit like Trials HD.

This time, however, the emphasis is on racing, and there's local multiplayer for up to four on one screen - the person that falls behind gets eliminated by the left-hand side of the screen.

There's a story-based single-player mode, too, filled with "memorable characters" and around 100 levels. Plus, of course, there's the mandatory time-chasing mode to best leaderboards and the ghosts of friends.

There's no level editor on offer, but RedLynx has a clever alternative: daily challenges. These will be piped down the Nintendo-internet and involve new tracks and leaderboards.

RedLynx claims MotoHeroz will run at a solid 60 frames per second and have speedy load times.

There's no word on price.

Look out for Eurogamer's full and in-depth discussion with RedLynx about MotoHeroz soon!

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