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Trials dev dates WiiWare game MotoHeroz

Pricey at 1500 Wii Points.

MotoHeroz will release for WiiWare on 15th September for 1500 Wii Points (£10.20).

It's made by Finnish developer RedLynx of Trials HD fame.

As such, MotoHeroz shares many similarities with the great Trials: refined 2D side-scrolling platform-racing that involves getting a vehicle through an obstacle-strewn course as quickly possible.

MotoHeroz is much more cartoon-colourful and friendly, however, with no restarting at checkpoints when things go wrong. You simply waggle the Wiimote and you're back on all fours and back in the race.

Time-trial ghosts are present, as are leaderboards, and there's same-screen local multiplayer for four people.

RedLynx has also promised to deliver a new challenge every day, be it a new course or a new leaderboard.

Tom Bramwell had a much more in-depth look at MotoHeroz for Eurogamer earlier this year.