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Bizarre to "move on" from Geometry Wars

"We don't want to over-saturate it."

Liverpool developer Bizarre Creations has tucked Geometry Wars away for the foreseeable future while it grazes on pastures new.

"It's just a great thing having titles that people love, that they associate with our studio - and Geometry Wars is one of them. It's very close to a lot of fans' hearts," designer Peter Collier told VideoGamer.com.

"I guess it's just one of those things, that it's a great and very proud feeling having something that the fans adore so much, but we don't want to over-saturate it by carrying on with it. It's maybe something that we keep as something we love, and move on to other things, you know?"

"There's nothing on the current horizon," he added, "but we can't rule anything out."

The fantastic Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 was the most recent take on the IP from Bizarre. It's a two-stick shooter that gradually floods the boxed playing area with hundreds of brightly coloured and different enemies.

Bizarre has said before that there were no plans for a third Geometry Wars game, despite strong sales.

For the moment, Bizarre - creator of Project Gotham Racing – is hard at work on James Bond 007: Blood Stone. For once, there's no film in sight, but Daniel Craig and Joss Stone will punch and pout in a completely new story. Eurogamer sent Christian Donlan along to Blood Stone's summer reveal.