Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2


Bizarre staff recall Activision closure

"Everybody was absolutely gutted."

Video | EGTV Asks: What happened after Bizarre Creations?

Searching Liverpool for the ghosts of Gotham's past.

Geometry Wars creator forms Hogrocket

Targets iPhone/iPad, PC and Mac.

Bizarre staff recall Activision closure

"Everybody was absolutely gutted."

Video | EGTV Asks: What happened after Bizarre Creations?

Searching Liverpool for the ghosts of Gotham's past.

Geometry Wars creator forms Hogrocket

Targets iPhone/iPad, PC and Mac.

Video | Bizarre Creations' farewell

PGR, Geometry Wars, Blur dev closes.

Bizarre to "move on" from Geometry Wars

"We don't want to over-saturate it."

Digital Foundry | Geometry Wars: Xbox 360 vs. iPad

The new Touch edition up against the 360 original.

"No plans" for Geometry Wars 3

Cakebread on "all sorts of other projects".

Over 1m GeoWars scores registered

Bizarre creation deservedly popular.

Feature | Geometry Wars: Retro Explained

Bizarre's Stephen Cakebread does the maths.

Geometry Wars is "not going to stop"

They have enough ideas for 10 games.

PSN is in Bizarre's plans "going forward"

Although Retro Evolved 2 is 360-exclusive.

Geometry Wars 2 next Wednesday!

Bizarre moves it forward a week.

Geometry Wars 2 gets date, details

Co-op and co-pilots in August.

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Flashier and with multiplayer.

Microsoft unveils Live Arcade trump cards

South Park, GeoWars 2, Galaga, more.