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Geometry Wars is "not going to stop"

They have enough ideas for 10 games.

Those of you enjoying Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 will be pleased to hear that Bizarre Creations has no intention of giving up on its popular two-stick arcade shooter.

"Geometry Wars is definitely a franchise," Bizarre's Craig Howard told MTV Multiplayer. "It's not going to stop."

Programmer Stephen Cakebread said the team has "enough game ideas to do Geometry Wars for probably about 10 games". MTV reports that a small team has been tasked with planning ahead.

"It depends on what will work," Cakebreak also added, which might sound like an obvious point, but taken in the context of the rest of the interview, which focuses on the sequel's development, it might be a stumbling block.

"We were initially like, 'Ooh let's get a Geometry Wars out next year,'" Cakebread said of the period following the first game's release. "When we sat down, we realised we didn't really know what we wanted to do with it."

Let's hope the ideas are freer-flowing this time, because we thought Retro Evolved 2 was splendid - six mostly excellent game modes, several amusing Achievements and a lot of leaderboards to show the rest of the office they all suck.