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Geometry Wars 2 gets date, details

Co-op and co-pilots in August.

Bizarre Creations has said Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 will be out on 6th August.

The Live Arcade sequel was whipped out during the Microsoft E3 media briefing last night.

Geometry Wars 2 will have five new game modes, such as Waves, King, Deadline and Sequence. Also, Pacifism has been bumped up from an Achievement - for staying alive for 60 seconds without shooting - to an entire mode. Details on the others are expected soon.

Each of these can be played on your own or with three of your friends locally on the same telly. You can help each other or kill each other, and even play in a co-pilot mode where one person drives and the other person shoots.

There looks to be lots more abilities and special moves, plus tons of extra coloured-shape enemies to crowd the screen and make you panic.

All that in 1080p with the usual slew of Achievements and leaderboards.

Head over to the Bizarre Creations website for the sumptuous trailer, or into our Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 gallery for the E3 screenshots.

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