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Telltale reveals crossover Poker game

Combines TF2, Penny Arcade, Strong Bad.

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Telltale Games, the maker of Sam & Max, has revealed Poker Night at The Inventory for PC and Mac. The game's coming this autumn.

The interesting part is that Telltale has somehow dragged Valve and Penny Arcade on board: a move that means Team Fortress 2's Heavy and Penny Arcade's Tycho will appear in the game.

At the table beside them will be Max and Strong Bad from Homestar Runner.

"We've had the idea for some time of exploring the idea of what video characters do when they're not 'on the clock' in the games we play," commented Telltale boss Dan Connors. "We pitched the idea to friends in the industry and it really resonated. We all had a great time imagining what these guys would banter about while slinging cards – from there Poker Night at The Inventory was born."

There are "plenty" of surprises planned.

You can pre-order Poker Night at The Inventory for $4.95 from the Telltale Store right now.

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