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Super Stardust HD dev unveils Outland

Ikaruga meets Prince of Persia?

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Super Stardust HD developer Housemarque has announced that its next game after Dead Nation will be a downloadable action game called Outland.

Published by Ubisoft and due out on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade, it's described by IGN as a cross between 2D Prince of Persia and Ikaruga.

In other words, it's a platform shooter set in branching jungle environments where you have to switch between light and dark forms to deal damage to light and dark enemies and dodge light and dark attacks.

When you're dark, you can soak up damage from other dark forms without worrying about it, and deal out damage to light enemies, or take advantage of moving platforms that respond to your dark form. When you're light the opposite is true.

Sounds intriguing, no? It's a Housemarque action game, too, so there will be plenty of secrets, not to mention boss fights - one that's being shown at the Penny Arcade Expo this week sees you facing off against a screen-filling Golem with a huge club that sometimes gets stuck in the ground...

Look out for more on Outland soon.

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