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PS3 controller is titled Move, says source

Trademark filing seems to confirm it.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

With just hours to go until Sony's press event at the Game Developers Conference, word is emerging that the new PS3 motion controller will be named Move.

That's according to a secret source speaking to Eurogamer at GDC. The source said the name was only recently finalised.

A trademark filing found by The Netwerk appears to confirm the report. It states that Sony has applied for the rights to use the name "PlayStation Move" in Europe.

So much for all the rumoured names for the motion controller, then, which included Gem, Arc and Kaz Hirai's Magic Wonder Stick of Electronical Joy.

Expect official confirmation shortly after midnight GMT, when Sony's press conference kicks off. Keep up with all the news as it happens via our live text blog.

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