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Capcom shows Dead Rising 2: Case West

An XBLA-exclusive epilogue to DR2.

Capcom has announced Dead Rising 2: Case West - another Xbox 360-exclusive downloadable game.

Like Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, this will compliment Dead Rising 2. But unlike Case Zero, Case West will be an epilogue and take place directly after the events of Dead Rising 2.

Case West was announced at the Tokyo Game Show moments ago (reported by Kotaku). Capcom showed a brief trailer of the game in which Dead Rising 2 hero Chuck Greene looked out over Fortune City. He said he must prove his innocence, but to do that he'll need help - cue the arrival of Dead Rising 1 hero Frank West.

"In co-op mode, Xbox LIVE Gold members will see the two protagonists delve deeper into the reasons behind the Fortune City outbreak and provide further links to the Willamette incident," said Capcom.

Case West hopes to replicate the success of Case Zero, which was released earlier this month and broke Xbox Live Arcade sales records.

Perhaps because of this, Capcom has seen fit to acquire Dead Rising 2 developer Blue Castle Games. The studio will henceforth be known as Blue Castle Games Vancouver.

There's no mention of a release date for Dead Rising 2: Case West. Capcom's put out some screenshots and a vid, though, which you can see below.

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