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Japan-made Xbox 360 exclusives revealed

Suda51! Radiant Silvergun! More!

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Microsoft announced three Kinect-enabled Xbox 360 exclusives and two Xbox Live Arcade titles - all created by Japanese developers and due out in 2011 - at the Tokyo Game Show this morning.

The headline new game is codename D, from No More Heroes creator Suda51. Fresh from his appearance at EA's TGS conference, Suda51 described the Kinect title as a "very core action game" without guns and swords.

"You must fight for your life to survive an evil amusement park filled with twisted and eerie creatures," said Microsoft. "With codename D for Kinect for Xbox 360, you are the controller as you unleash devastating effects to destroy enemies and objects.

Microsoft had asked Suda51 to make Kinect games for the hardcore, which were punky, but also suitable for casual players.

"I wanted to work with Microsoft for many years," Suda51 said. "It took a long time though. It was a very long dating period. But we got along well with them, we both like David Bowie."

Microsoft also announced a Kinect project from Vib Ribbon and PaRappa creator Masaya Matsuura. It's a a first-person horror game called Haunt that's "also fun and innovative".

"Gather friends and family to delve deep into a haunted house dripping with mystery - you'll need every ounce of your wit and cunning if you hope to unravel the veil of rumours that hide its darkest secret. Dodge traps and outwit ghosts, ghouls and frights that lurk with glee around each and every corner. Take a deep breath and immerse yourself in Haunt, spooky fun for Kinect for Xbox 360," reads the fluff.

On stage, Microsoft Game Studios boss Phil Spencer said Haunt was "just the start of a long and rewarding relationship" with Matsuura.

Project Draco is a 3D flying Kinect shooter from Grounding Inc. that reminded us of Sony's The Last Guardian.

It's headed up by Phantom Dust and Panzer Dragoon director Yukio Futatsugi, who took to the stage to say: "What I want to do most in my games is to fly. Not with my joystick. But imagine if you could ride a gigantic creature, hold the reins, point at an enemy to attack - that's how you could ride in the sky and fight."

"With the magic of Kinect for Xbox 360, you will be able to nurture and learn to communicate with your dragon as you develop its skills and train it as a partner in combat. Then join friends on Xbox Live to feel the rush of flight as you take to the skies together and experience breathtaking vistas and engage in thrilling battles." It's out next year.

The first of the two new XBLA games is sure to please shmup fans: a high def version of cult Japanese hit Radiant Silvergun from Ikaruga developer Treasure.

It's the first time the SEGA Saturn classic will be released internationally. Microsoft mentioned improvements, such as the addition of a new system to enhance the original chain system. The XBLA version will improve on the games visuals as well, and introduce online co-op play. Radiant Silvergun is slated for a Spring 2011 launch.

"With titles like Gunstar Heroes and Ikaruga under its belt, Treasure deserves its reputation," said Spencer.

And finally, Microsoft announced a partnership with Spike, best known for its work on a long-running series of wrestling games in Japan, to release a new XBLA Fire-Pro Wrestling game next year.

It's all about avatars, and features avatar customisation with new costumes and all sorts. There's offline and online competitive play, as well as single match and tag team modes.

"This will become a highly entertaining new way for our 25 million Xbox Live users to enjoy their avatars," Spencer enthused.

Rounding up, Spencer said: "Microsoft has never been more committed to Japanese developers, the heart of innovative gameplay, thrilling stories and iconic heroes. To date, Japanese games have already grossed more than $2 billion on Xbox 360, and today's announcements signal tremendous opportunities for Japanese developers to deliver the future of gaming with Kinect."

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